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Home Extension Projects – What Should You Consider Before Committing A Budget?


There are many homeowners out there who are filled with excitement and are interested to crack on a brand-new project. But with a bit of patience and careful planning, you will obtain your coveted outcome. Many individuals wish to extend their homes so that they can live comfortably. But before you contact home extension companies, such as Martyn Pattie, and get carried with the excitement of choosing all the new kitchen furniture, there are several things you need to know and consider. Look below!

  1. The Cost

The main reason to set up a budget is that it will help you make sure that the design time is not wasted. Your budget doesn’t include setting the architectural fees. But when you know your budget and what you wish to spend your money on, a professional architect will bring in projects that match your budget. This will also provide the best value. You need to tell your architect about your monetary limits. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the architects to tell you whether your expectations are realistic.

  1. Services

The services for your residential property include drainage, electricity, water, and gas. You must check out the place which you want to develop whether or not the area will affect the services to the property.

If it does, you need to move the gas, electricity, and gas meters. Also, don’t leave behind the drainage system of your property. The drainage is something that is adopted by the local water board, especially when it is shared with the neighbors. When you have decided to build your extension over a sewer, you will need a built-over sewer application, which is compulsory. But if you are having doubts about it, it will be better to ask your architect.

  1. The Design Style

When you have planned to conduct some home extensions, try to look for some ideas when it comes to styles. On certain occasions, you might be a bit unsure about the type of style you want. So, the best way to assemble several ideas is by checking out platforms, such as Pinterest and Google Images. Pinterest is the best platform to gather pictures and images. Once you have found the images you like, you can share them with your architect.

Parting Thoughts

The points mentioned in this article will help you make the right plan when it comes to home extensions. You can tell your architect what you want, and they will get it done for you. This will help in saving time, money and enable you to be a lot more clear about your design expectations.

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