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HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE – 5 Awesome Reasons to Add Double Glazed Windows


In sharp contrast to typical single glazed windows featuring one glass layer and timber frame encasements, double glazed windows deem to be far superior options for your next home improvement project!

These double glazed windows consist of two glass layers- pretty much as its name suggests! Plus, they come in all varieties of frame materials such as hardwearing uPVC, wooden timber frames, and modernistic aluminium frames.  

In words of top Swish home improvement professionals –

Double glazes windows offer plenty of appreciative conveniences. On installation, its secondary glazed layer will not simply upgrade your home but also increase its overall value. 

Moreover, these specialists even believe double glazed windows to help keep the home warm during winters and reduce condensation considerably. 

That Said, If You Are Still Not Sure About Investing In Double Glazed Windows, Then Below Lies 5 Reasons Why You Should Reconsider!

  • Lends In That Added Security – 

Security is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your home! Be it your family or pets; you want to keep them safe from unwanted break-ins or ill acts of vandalism. Unfortunately, single panel windows are not as secure as you would like to think and often prove easy enough for burglars to break in.

Double glazed windows, on the other hand, are much more difficult to break in. This discourages intruders from invading your home, stealing your belongings, and harming your loved ones!

  • Helps Reduce Carbon Footprints – 

Another great aspect of double glazed windows is that they help reduce carbon footprints. On installation, it reduces your excessive need for cooling or heating appliances, thus making your home more energy-efficient.  In simpler words, switching your single panel and double glazed windows will be a better and greener option for you.


  1. Prevents Outside Noise From Entering Into Your Home –

Double glazed windows are designed to make you feel more comfortable inside your home. It blocks out the unnecessary or irritable noise from outside from entering into your home and disrupting your peace and serenity. So, if you want to sound-proof your home from unwanted traffic and outside noise pollution, double glazed windows is one good option!

  1. Require very little maintenance – 

Double glazed windows don’t require any extra maintenance on your part to keep them looking spic and span. If anything, it just needs a simple clean-up using a clean cloth.

  • Lastly, Helps Boost Your Home Resale Value – 

Double glazed windows are often a regular feature in most home improvement projects. Most of it is because of some of the aforementioned reasons. But besides that, they also help improve your home’s resale value for your prospective home buyers!

Adding double glazed windows allow you to bring more light to enter into your house and brighten the interior space. More so if you use the floor to ceiling aluminium window models!

Summing Up

So, are you ready to install double glazed windows on your next home improvement project? If these above reasons are of any indication, you most certainly should.

And if you need a trustworthy place to start looking, then click here!



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