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How Can Custom Mats from Tapetes Express Online Store Help?


Custom Mats are adorning floor spaces in many business organizations these days, including non-profit organizations, office supply stores, yoga studios, fitness centers and even auto repair shops. Tapetes Express is a distributor and manufacturer of the best quality custom mats in Mexico. Find out how the custom mats from the online store of this company can be useful for businesses. 

Can make the space inviting

With the kind of technology that is available today, it is possible to create amazing welcome mats for businesses. Custom mats can have a full colored photo. Lots of businesses like to get mats that sport their logo and color. These mats can be made in varied materials, such as coir – which is a natural fiber obtained from:

  • Coconuts
  • Nylon
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber

Customized mats can lend a very professional appearance to business spaces. There are many customizations to get, from basic initials to company logo and colors. 

Great for promotional purposes

In the last few years, market demand for promotional and advertising options has led to a growth in demand for custom floor mats. The custom mats from Tapetes Express match the strictest quality standards in delivery and manufacturing. These are ideal to use in long-term and mid-term campaigns, and also for reinforcing corporate brand image. In business areas, there are very few branding opportunities. Customized mats are workable for about any business, and come in reasonable costs. 

Can be used anywhere 

Such types of mats may be used on floors in various locations, and are available in varied sizes. Business organizations can use these outdoors or indoors. These can be used to cover unpleasant areas of the floor of business spaces. These do not have to be used only on floors, and custom mats can also adorn chairs, bars, tables etc. 

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