How Do You Get Rid of Pigeons


In contrast to their friendly portrayal in movies and literature, pigeons are quite a nuisance. They are dirty birds that fly around spreading diseases and carry some harmful parasites. Parents should be extra cautious as children are the most vulnerable to diseases spread through these flying pests. Not to mention other cleanliness issues caused by the volumes of droppings that pigeons leave behind.

As a homeowner, keeping your loved ones safe will probably be your utmost priority. You can set mousetraps for rodents, but what do you do against a rodent that flies out of reach? You can’t shoot them with a pellet gun, that’s for sure, as that’s illegal. Still, there are a lot of easy solutions you can employ to deter these flying rodents or hire a professional pest control company.

Easy Solutions to Deter Pigeons

The first thing you should do is install anti-roosting spikes on the boundaries around your home and everywhere that pigeons can potentially sit or nest. This includes areas around overhead drains, which are hotspots for pigeon nests. Clearing these areas out frequently is costly, so installing a deterrent is the best solution to the problem.

If you rent a place and can’t make permanent changes to the property, you can use a gel-based bird repellent. Cover any surface that pigeons sit on with the gel, and the slippery layer it creates will keep the birds away. The resulting layer is sticky and tacky, so birds find it difficult to gain a foothold.

Pigeons Noise

Noise also works well against pigeons. Of course, you can’t have something that annoys the neighbors. Wind chimes are a great option. Fasten one in areas that pigeons frequent, like the patio or balcony. This DIY solution may not work all the time and with every pigeon, but it is still an easy way to discourage them from idling around for too long.

Another trick is to adorn your patio or balcony with things that pigeons don’t like too much. Wind chimes are one, but there are a few others as well. Tying an aluminum foil pan to a railing works well, so does a mylar balloon. Both these items discourage pigeons from hanging around for too long. Decoy animals like rubber owls, snakes, or hawks can also be placed in places where pigeons frequent as effective deterrents.

If you don’t want pigeons to hang around, eliminate places for them to sit on. Balcony railings are a hotspot for them. Pigeons sit around and make a disgusting mess that welcomes you when you go out onto the balcony to enjoy the evening air. You can prevent this without too much trouble. If the top of the railing isn’t too wide, wrap it in a slinky-type coil to make it uncomfortable for pigeons to sit on. You can also tie a piece of string an inch above the railing to prevent the birds from landing on it.


You can’t permanently get rid of pigeons. They are a widespread annoyance that will find a way to create a nuisance no matter what you do. However, employing these easy and surprisingly effective tactics will ensure that you are annoyed less frequently by these flying menaces.


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