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How Does Home Solar Battery Storage Work – Why And When Do You Need Them


In all modern solar panel systems, besides panels and inverters, batteries also play a big role. The purpose of the batteries is to store the generated charge, which can be used even in the nights. Therefore, batteries are becoming one of the most essential components of the solar panel system.

The solar battery is particularly beneficial for homeowners who are looking to protect their homes from power outages. However, solar batteries may not be perfectly suitable for everyone, so it is important to understand if you really have the necessity of pairing a battery with a solar power system.

The basics

The solar batteries will basically allow power produced by your solar system to be suitably stored for future use. All solar systems will produce power at different times, when the homeowners may or may not immediately use it. Typically, the solar systems are going to overproduce power during the day time, when the homeowners might not actually use it.

All this extra production of power will be fed back to the utility grid by using a program, which is called net energy metering. Homeowners will be accumulating a credit by selling all those excess power to the utility grid, which can always be used for offsetting the power that they draw during the night, when the solar panels will not produce any power.

When the solar system will be paired with a battery, then homeowners will have the option to utilize their extra electrical power to charge up their battery, rather than sending it back to the utility grid.

Hence, you will need to decide on getting solar battery storage california for your systems must be based on the kind of system you have. You will not need it if you have subscribed to the net energy metering for your system. If you need an additional backup system, then you can have the inverter and battery connected to the main power system itself.

Understating the benefits of solar battery over generator set:

  1. Noiseless – Unlike a normal generator set, your solar battery will not generate any kind of noise pollution in the surrounding. Your neighbor will never complain to you about your solar battery.
  2. Clean – Any diesel generator not only becomes dirty but also pollutes the surrounding atmosphere and on the other hand, your solar battery will keep the surrounding clean.
  3. Smaller in size – Even a most portable generator will be much bigger in size than any solar battery. Hence, you save your valuable space, and also you need not create any foundation.
  4. Reliable – Unlike your conventional generator set, there will be hardly any maintenance needed for your solar battery. In the generator set, you need to regularly maintain it and spend a good deal of money on that.
  5. Natural disaster-proof – If there is an earthquake, then local utility companies need to shut off natural gas service for preventing any potential fires however batteries will never experience this issue.
  6. Can run indefinitely – All generators are fuel dependant and will run as long there is fuel available, however, there are no such issues with the solar batteries as they can run indefinitely.
  7. Saves your money – Besides saving the maintenance cost needed for a generator set, your solar battery can support for 72 hours if there is a power failure and thus you can also save on your energy bill.
  8. Enables energy independence – Producing your power and also reducing dependence on the utility grid always appeal to all Americans, which is ideal self-reliance.

Solar batteries can last anywhere from 5 years to 15 years, depending on their quality, usage, and maintenance. Lead acid, Lithium ion, and saltwater batteries are typically used in solar power systems.

You will need to discuss with your solar installer about the best type and storage capacity of the battery for your home. Make sure you learn about their warranty and efficiency before buying.

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