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How Kitchen Residue Can Help Your Kitchen Bloom?


Were you aware of the fact that practically every residue (waste) that comes out of your kitchen will be useful for your garden? Surprised? No worries, we have a list of some great ways by which you can help your plants grow healthy and thrive better through the residue that comes out of your very own kitchen. 

Even though kitchen wastes help the soil to get more fertile and improve growth in plants, you need to ensure that the wastes that you utilize are used properly. If you wish to know more about Kitchen waste for gardening then please keep reading below:

  • Coffee Grounds

Make sure that you properly get the coffee grounds rinsed before you mix it in the soil. This will help you get rid of excess or any acid that’s present in coffee. Then mix it with the soil of your garden or the flowerbed. It helps to provide the soil with useful nitrogen content. Thus, helps maintain the pH balance and helping the plant to not rot. This is one of the low maintenance gardening tips that work well for the soil. 

  • Banana Peels

Phosphorus, potassium, and some other beneficial nutrients are filled in banana peels. This is something that will give life to any plant. But you do not have to toss the banana peel into your garden, next time you have one. 

Make sure that the banana peel is properly dried in an airy environment. After it’s all dried, crush it and properly mix it in the soil. You could also use it as a fertilizer by soaking it in water and then mixing it in the soil.

  • Eggshells

You may get a bit surprised but crushed eggshell helps the soil of your garden. It works as a healthy substrate layer since it adds calcium to the soil. Make sure that you properly wash the eggshell. After you are done, store the shell pieces and use them later. 

  • Paper Towel

Did you know paper towels that are already used contain soft fibers which work as an excellent substrate material for the soil? It helps to provide more space for the soil so that it can breathe better. This way the organic parts of the soil get more potent. Thus, it helps plat survive for a long. Take old paper towels and shred them into small pieces. Then spread the pieces into the soil. Make sure you only use the ones that you’ve used in the kitchen and not ones that are used for the chemical purpose.  

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