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How often does a metal roof need to be replaced?


Metal roofing is associated for decades with industrial buildings. People in the countryside install tin roofs on barns or sheds. It created a feel that metal is not suitable for residential homes.

Fortunately, the technology leaps found a way to a wider metal roof range of colors, styles, and materials that it is now liked by most homeowners. Metal roof benefits have brought many homeowners into choosing it for their home as a roofing material. Today, metal roofs are durable, cost-effective material, and energy-efficient.

Metal roofs last for 40-70 years. Traditional asphalt roofing materials estimated life is roughly 12-20 years. Metal roofs have fewer issues, and they may show failure signs. These include spots of leaks, rust, and damaged areas. If you have any doubts, call a professional roofer to inspect it and also know how to fix it.

Be aware, these are the signs showing your metal roofing needs replacement:

1. The painted finish is 30-year old

The steel panels follow a painted finish to standing seam metal panels. It protects from the elements keeping the color from fading. The standing metal roof seam with 30-year paint expires, though it is not gone completely, it requires replacement. It is because you can see color fades and a lot of rust on the metal panels that calls for metal roof replacement lakeland fl.

The painted finish shortens the roof’s lifespan if it has dents, damages, or scratches. This may happen due to heavy hail or falling limbs. Whatever is the reason, you have to replace the roof.

2. The fasteners start wallowing out 

A screw facing down is the fasteners holding the metal roof and it is exposed through the panel’s top. Due to lack of contraction and expansion, the fasteners wallow out, appearing too big to hold the metal panels down.

You can put large size screws and keep it working for some time. However, it is best addressed quickly. The wallowing fasteners are going to show leaks. It will be prone to wind, as well. Waiting for a long time in dealing with wallowed out fasteners means you have to replace the screw facing down panels. But, it is best to go for an entire metal roofing replacement.

3. Storm damage to metal panels 

Damaging metal panels such that the integrity of the panels damages calls for roof replacement. It happens due to natural reasons such as strong hail, storms, and wind. 

A tree limb falling on the seam metal roof may damage the metal panels. It may cause scratches and large dents, resulting in a leak.

However, using insurance, a roof replacement is possible after storm damage with metal roofing.  

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