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How Often You Require Septic Tank Pumping?


Septic tank is a crucial part of the sewage system as it is the septic tank used for collecting the sewage and wastewater of the house. Not all households require a septic tank, the septic tank is installed commonly in those houses where the municipal sewer lines are unavailable. 

As the tank can only hold the finite amount of wastewater, often the homeowners require septic tank pumping to empty the tank for further use. Septic tank pumping is an important maintenance activity for your septic tank. 

Why does Septic Tank Overloading happen?

A Septic tank can hold a finite amount of waste and sewage, overloading problems that usually arise if you avoid septic tank pumping. Not many come face to face with an overloaded septic tank in their life, you might not see septic tank pumping as important maintenance activity for your house. 

A septic tank designed to hold the waste substances. Septic Tank design allows heavy substances to settle at the bottom forming a layer of sludge. The overloading happens when the sludge layer builds up to a higher level than required. It makes the pipes clogged and does not allow the liquid to flow out and absorbed into the surrounding soil.  The final event that you notice because of the overloading of the septic tank is unsanitary water making its way back to the ground surface.

When do you need to empty your septic tank?

Septic tank usually requires emptying once every 3-5 years. Many factors play a role in determining the frequency of emptying the septic tank like a member in the house, the number of toilets, etc. For instance, if you have a large house with a single living person, you might not need to go for septic tank pumping for emptying the tank until ten years, but in case you have more member in a single house the frequency of emptying the septic tank can come closer to about 4-5 years. 

Thus, Septic tank pumping is crucial if you do not want sewage system failure in your household. If you avoid the routine septic tank pumping results in malfunction of the septic tank. A non-functioning sewage results in the following:

  • Sewage Backing Up into Household Drains
  • Sewage Bubbling Up from The Ground

To avoid such problems, you need proper scheduling for septic tank pumping to empty your septic tank. 

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