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How to choose aim pendant lamps in an open kitchen


Pendant lamps are one of the most elegant options when lighting a kitchen. Choosing an aim pendant light for an open kitchen is a task that must be done carefully. Five tips are proposed to keep in mind.

An aim pendant lamp is a ceiling lamp that, depending on its design and functionality, will determine the atmosphere of the room in which it is located. The variety of styles and designs is very wide, and you will find them for all tastes.

When choosing, think about the most important thing: the functionality that the lamp will have. They can be classified into several different types:

Ambient lamps: they are used to illuminate a room evenly. They can be installed in any room in the house, adapting the type of light to the needs of each room.

Overhead lamps: these are lamps designed to illuminate a specific area of ​​the room. They are used, for example, to focus light on a table or work area.

Reading lamps: they are designed to illuminate a single point, be it a table, a desk or an armchair. They are designed to provide adequate light for reading.

Detail lamps: these are small lamps that focus on specific points in the room where there are special decorative elements. They usually project a dim, low-intensity light, which serves to highlight these elements.

Another decision to consider when buying an aim pendant lamp is the type of bulb and the wattage required. The power will depend on the size and color of the room (walls, floor, ceiling and furniture). Dark colors absorb light and require higher intensity.

The color of the bulb is also important. Cold colors are used mainly in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, corridors and offices, while in the living room and bedrooms, it is advisable to use warmer colors. The size of the lamp is decisive. Keep in mind that a very large lamp can visually occupy the entire room, or it can be annoying if it is at head level. On the other hand, if the lamp is very small, it may not sufficiently illuminate the entire desired area and two or more lamps would be necessary at different points in the room.

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