How To Choose Between Kitchen Countertop Materials? A Guide For Homeowners!


Selecting the perfect kitchen countertop material can be more confusing than you think. There are a bunch of choices – granite, quartz, marble, tiles, concrete, soapstone, engineered stone, and even stainless steel. Popular suppliers, such as Entrepot Cuisine, usually recommend choices like granite and quartz, but what does it really take to consider the right kitchen countertop material? In this post, we have a few tips that homeowners need to consider.

Determine the needs of your home

Every home is unique as far as the use of kitchen is concerned. For example, if you have young kids who like to try their culinary skills in the kitchen, white marble may not be the most appropriate choice. How extensively you intend to use the countertops and worktops is something worth considering.

Don’t forget your existing décor

The kitchen countertop material has to match the existing décor of your kitchen, and while aesthetics may not be the first priority for many homeowners, this is an aspect that has to be evaluated. If you are remodeling the entire kitchen, you can select cabinets and other components based on the countertop material you have selected.

Durability counts

There is a reason why granite and quartz are often considered top choices for countertops and worktops. Granite, being a 100% natural stone, doesn’t require much maintenance and will retain its look for decades to come. Quartz, on the other hand, is made of 95% natural quartz and 5% of polymer resin and pigments, but is extremely durable. You wouldn’t be replacing countertops for at least a decade, so go for something that offers value for money. Ceramic tiles, for instance, are prone to cracking, and stainless steel is not ideal for most homes.

Decide on your budget

Your budget also determines the countertop material you can use. Granite is cheaper than quartz in most cases, but no two granite worktops will look the same. If you don’t mind spending a tad more, quartz is a better choice with almost no maintenance needs. In case you don’t use countertops extensively, nothing can match the beauty and sheer elegance of marble. Ideally, find a reliable supplier of countertop materials and ask for options. You can get free estimates and decide on the budget accordingly.

Final word

Spending a tad more on countertop materials is never a bad idea, because this is one of the most critical and durable investments for your kitchen.

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