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How to Decorate and Furnish Your Kids Room?


A kids room has to be decorated and furnished with your little one in mind. Remember that they are still learning their way in life and don’t have the same organizational and space sense as us adults. They could use some help along the way. And, what better way to help than by decorating and furnishing the space in a way that enables them. Here are some good tips to help you get started. 

Kid-sized shelves

Regular shelves won’t work for kids. When they can’t reach the doors or the racks, they just won’t use it. The result is that you will often be cleaning up after them. Swap these out for smaller kid sized cabinets and racks and you will be surprised how they really get interested in organizing and keeping a tidy space. This is the #1 tip for a reason. It just works! Think of it as outsourcing kid room housekeeping to your kids!

Themed beds

A themed bed gets kids excited about sleep. Princess castle beds for girls and race car or superhero themed beds are great for boys. Another tip to help promote regular sleep times is to get those glow in the dark stickers for the ceiling in your kids’ room. It will get them excited about turning off the lights to watch the glowing moon and stars. 

Throw in a swivel chair

Kids don’t really use chairs. A sofa is too big for them. But, swivel chairs are great for a kids room. Since swivel chairs spin around a full 360°, they are great to put in a space that overlaps two functional areas in your kids room. For example, you can put it by the bed and in front of a play table so they can access both areas quickly, with just a spin of their foot. 

Wall decals

Wall stickers are a great way to infuse new life into your kids room. They are cheap and easily applied as well. They are available in a very wide range of subjects and themes and you can get exactly what your kid is interested in. Space? There’s wall decals for that? Fairy tales. You get decals for that as well. There’s a decal for almost every trending topic that a kid might be interested in. Kids love showing off these decals when they come over for sleepovers. 

Let them put up their creations as art

Instead of wall art or something that you think is appropriate for their room, let your kids create their own wall displays. Make it a crafts project and hang them up and see them beam with pride and joy. This is a great way to let your kids use their creativity and imagination as well.

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