How To Find Your Sewer Line


Any suggestions on plumbing that can help you prevent water issues at home are not to throw garbage down the drain. Never throw down the kitchen drains some coffee grounds, food waste, bacon grease, potato peelings or starchy food.

This probably would clog the drains. Buy a high quality plunger to clear clogs in toilets , sinks, and drains in case of accidental clogged drains.

You may use a wet-dry vacuum to suck out the piece, if you want to remove something tiny or heavy. Using a plunger just drives it deeper and will give you a bigger problem.

Do not neglect leaks, as it will cost you a great deal to patch and repair them when it gets high. Never overdrawn fittings. This is a popular homeowners DIY plumbing mistake where it results in broken bolts and stripped screws.

For sewer line repair and replacement, contact Mr. Rooter.

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