How to Get Insurance Company to Pay for New Roof


A roof is an important part of a house. It helps protect the interior from water and other elements such as rain, snow, hail and wind. But what happens if your home’s roof needs repairs or replacement? Most homeowners are not aware that they might be eligible for insurance coverage to help pay for these expenses. Read more about getting your home insured to know how you can save money on your new roof!

Get An Estimate Of The Cost For Your New Roof

Don’t just trust the estimate of your roofing contractor. Make sure you get at least three estimates from reputable contractors so you can save money in the long run. If you are replacing your roof, ask each contractor for estimates for materials, labor and disposal of old shingles and other roof material.

Contact Your Insurance Company For A Claim Review

Insurance companies may offer an amount up to $1,000 for fixing or replacing minor repairs on roofs such as leaks. However, if you need more funding to pay for a new roof, they will try hard to reject this kind of claim because it means that they will have to spend more money in paying out claims in future years. It is important that you contact them and explain to them about the damages on your roof. Call your insurance agent to help you make a claim and if they reject it, get in touch with a licensed home improvement contractor who can assist you with your claim.

Contact Other Homeowners For Recommendations

If you are unable to secure an insurance company that will pay for your new roof, consider asking homeowners who had filed claims similar to yours if their insurance companies paid for their repairs. It might give you some insight into how much money you should ask from them as well as where they bought the materials needed for the repair or replacement of their roofs.

Consider Filing A Lawsuit Against Your Insurance Company

If the company still refuses to pay for your new roof, you can file a claim with the court. You also have the option of suing them if they fail to pay up within two years from the date you filed your claim. Remember that time limit is not something you can extend, so make sure you get in touch with professionals like Attorney John Marietta near Charlotte who will discuss about this and guide you through it. He has many years of experience in handling these kinds of cases and he clearly understands what needs to be done when dealing with insurance companies.

Get Help From Local Organizations

There are organizations such as Consumer Protection Division (CPU) that offer guidance on how homeowners can handle disputes with insurance companies. CPU is committed to helping consumers who file complaints against their insurance providers, and they are more than willing to help you too if you feel that your claim for a new roof was rejected unfairly. They also refer homeowners to organizations such as the Public Service Commission (PSC) if their dispute cannot be settled by CPU or their insurance provider.

Consider Going With An All-Risk Policy

An all-risk policy covers not just damage due to wind, water, snow and hail but also fire, vandalism and even airplane crashes. If the roof of your house has been in disrepair for a long time now and it needs immediate replacement because it might cause serious damages inside your home like leaking pipes or electrical wires, you can file a claim with the insurance company even though you are not yet sure if it will be approved.

Look For Positive Ways To Prevent Further Damages

If you want to get more coverage from your home’s homeowner insurance, look at possible factors that contributed to the damage and then find solutions on how to prevent them from happening in future years. For example, if a tree fell on your roof because of a windstorm while you were away and caused cracks or shingles missing, you can prune the tree so it won’t fall again or cover exposed areas using protective materials such as sheet metal.

Get Help From Lawyers Who Handle Cases Like Yours

If all of this fail, seek professional help especially if the cost of repair is huge and you are not sure how to handle the situation. An experienced attorney like Attorney John Marietta will know what to do and he can help you get better results in your case. Contact him now for a free consultation on what steps you need to take next in order to avoid having problems with your insurance company when filing claims on your home’s property damage.

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