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How to Help Your House Sell Quickly


Selling a home is a lot of stress and anticipation that can stretch for weeks, months, or even years before the property is finally purchased.  Most people don’t have the patience or time to sit around waiting for this sale, so they want to try anything they can to sell their house.  Avoiding gimmicks and bad business practices, here are some of the top ways people can quickly sell their homes and why these tactics work!

Deep Clean, Fresh Paint

Although you may have run the Swiffer dust mop and spritzed your windows, you have to clean more in-depth than that to get possible homebuyers to see past the fact that someone has already lived in this house.  The main points of focus should be the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the point of entry.  Deep clean these areas like the sale depends on it!  There are grout cleaners to get stains out and tile shine to give it some glimmer.  Follow up with giving the main rooms, if not every room, a fresh coat of paint, and you’ll be ready to dazzle!

Be Open To Offers

It may seem obvious that you should be open to offers if your home isn’t selling, but if it’s not, here’s another reminder: be open to suggestions.  Unfortunately, we can’t get everything we want for our house, even if we put in a lot of work and time and money into updating it.  Sometimes it’s better to give up and drop the price by ten thousand than it is to let that amount of money hold you back.  If a possible buyer asks you to cover closing costs and is offering what your home is worth, you should consider taking them up on it.  It also might be a good idea to ask a realtor, “What is my home worth?” before you try to fight off too many other offers.

Think Of The Season

Consider what time of the year you’re selling your home.  If it’s Christmas, you can dress up your house to have some festive cheer.  For spring, bring in some fresh flowers for the kitchen table and dress it up.  Summer may see you turn to showing off your sunny windows and bringing in even more greenery.  Don’t be afraid to be a little gimmicky with this!  You can have fun with leaning into the holidays as long as you can use them to show off the best parts of your home.

Staging The Home

Staging your home is the end all be all when it comes to selling your house.  Although many don’t realize it, staged homes sell faster and for more money than their empty counterparts.  A large part of this comes down to creating a scene and drawing the buyer’s imagination around the home.  Much like how you should consider the season when selling your home, you should also think about what furniture is both in style and help draw visitors’ eyes to the house’s critical points.  It may take renting some furniture to do it, but the results don’t lie.

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