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How to prepare yourself before getting started?


One of the major hassles about spray paint lies in its functionality. Unlike the good old brush where paint is directly targeted on the surface, spray paint, due to its “sprinking” feature can get everywhere! The paint is released under high pressure in the form of tiny droplets. As such, it can cause damage to other objects.

As a safety precaution, you must cover all objects and furniture in your house with paper, cloth or large plastic sheets. Infact, even doors and windows must be covered with plastic. If you have house plants, shift them to another place until the job is completed. Do not make any compromises on this as all close by objects are at risk of getting pain on them.

Safety measures in the process

The nozzles in these spray cans are deigned to spray paint in high pressure. It can be as high as 3000 psi, making it deadly and innately hazardous. It is vital that you wear protective gear like safety gloves and mask to shield the toxic fumes. Also, owing to the high pressure, it can cut through skin. If accidentally sprayed on someone’s skin, immediately rush them to a hospital or optionally, keep a first aid kid

There are high quality masks and respirators that will protect your lungs from inhaling the chemicals. Goggles are also a must to protect your eyes and if needed, you can cover your hair with a “spray sock”. You can use petroleum jelly on your skin beforehand so cleanup can be effortless.

How exactly do you paint?

It is best to start from the top and move your way towards the bottom. This way, you section it out and do a uniform job.

Some people may choose to do it differently. It merely requires practice and experience. Gradually, you will be able to come up with ideas of your own depending on individual comfort.

If you want to consult professionals, Spray-Net offers a variety of coatings to suit your needs and wants.

Some other considerations include the usage of shields. These shields are available in aluminium or cardboard with a wood handle.

If you’re not using the spray can, then cover it with a protective cloth and submerge the end of the gun in thinner, mineral spirits or water. Also, ensure that the sprayer is clean so it doesn’t lead to patchy work.

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