How to Properly Maintain a Tankless Water Heater


Tankless water heaters are easier to use and consume less energy than tank storage water heaters. They can also last longer than tank storage ones, but as long-lasting as they are, they won’t last long if you can’t provide the right maintenance.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the things you can do to provide the proper maintenance that your tankless water heater needs.

Reminder: For safety, turn your tankless water heater first before performing any maintenance.

It requires flushing

Most people think that they can continue using their tankless water heater without flushing, but it’s not the best way of caring for the heater. If you rarely use it, flushing it once in two years can be fine. But, if it gets used a lot, you need to flush it at least once a year. Here’s why.

The minerals in water travel inside the system. With no tank for the resulting sediment to settle in, it ends up on the burners that heat the water, reducing water pressure. So, when your water pressure slowly goes down, it might be a good time to flush the heater.

If you don’t know how to flush your tankless water heater, our professional plumbers can help you with this routine service.

Descale your tankless water heater

Unlike flushing, you can’t predict how many times you will have to descale the heater, as the need for descaling depends on some factors.

To know why you need to descale your tankless water heater, you need to know what hard water is. Water is termed as ‘hard water’ when it contains a higher amount of dissolved calcium, magnesium, and other minerals than average.

Due to this, sediment can form faster on the burners, lessening the efficiency of your heater. To know if you have hard water in your pipes, there are water test kits that you can get in the market. But, to avoid the purchase, you can know that you need to descale your heater when sediment forms quickly in short amounts of time.

Clean the water filter

Cleaning your water filter guarantees a better flow of water and cleanliness. Over time, degree and sediment can accumulate in the filter, which is why you should clean it from time to time.

This one’s an easy task that you may do on your own. Start by turning off the water supply. Then, remove the filter, wash and rinse it, and finally, put it back on. Make sure to be careful in doing this, as putting it back wrong or damaging the filter can cause more problems.

Provide regular maintenance

If you want to make sure that your heater is always in good shape and ready to go, you have to provide the regular maintenance it needs. It involves regular maintenance checks by your local professional plumber and replacing worn-out parts.

By providing regular maintenance, you can be sure that no problems will get big enough to cause a good amount of trouble.

However, all the benefits of regular maintenance can be undone by an inexperienced and unskilled plumber, so make sure that you’re getting quality services!

The leading Sydney hot water services provider

The health of your tankless water heater depends on how you take care of it. While they can last for more than ten years, taking care of them can add a few more years of efficient and quality use.

You can make sure that your water heater gets the best care by having your best local plumbing services provider take care of it. Contact an outstanding plumbing contractor now for the best hot water service Sydney.

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