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How to Transform your Home with Abstract Art


Art can transform the energy and feel of a home, energising empty spaces or elevating rooms into something entirely new. Modern abstract art such as paintings, prints, and mixed media, can create new possibilities for you to explore. You can experience an entirely new mood and atmosphere with the right art piece. 

However, with so many textures, colours, and styles to pick from, determining how to incorporate abstract art in your interior design can be tricky. Interior design can appear intimidating at first, especially with the sheer number of abstract art. 

To help get you started, here are some easy recommendations for transforming your house with abstract art:

Find your preferred style

The best way to start is to find your design and aesthetic. Are you the type of person who likes big, bold spaces? Or do you prefer serene and soothing moods at home? 

Abstract art is innately limitless; it can be vivid, wild, thought-provoking and tranquil. A bold and vibrant piece can energise your living room. Meanwhile, a painting made with pastels in your bedroom can brighten your day. 

Experiment with pieces

But you don’t have to stay limited to your usual style. Abstract art is open to interpretation and is accessible from the usual rules and expectations of art. Experiment with different pieces and let yourself embrace new ideas. 

You can start by checking smaller pieces and seeing if they complement and harmonise your room. If you want something more contrasting and bold, you can be more daring with large, striking art pieces taking centre stage. 


Abstract art provides limitless potential to change the atmosphere and spirit of any space. The right abstract art can totally transform the overall atmosphere of any space, with each piece featuring its own unique textures, colours, and designs. Whether it’s with dramatic paintings or harmonious pieces, your home becomes unique and elevated.  

Art pieces come in a variety of price points and specifications. However, finding a legitimate seller to assure quality takes time and effort. To transform your home, check out Urban Road’s painting on canvas selection for more stylish pieces.


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