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How to Use Essential Oils for Home Fragrance


Do you love using essential oils to deodorize and naturally scent your home but don’t want the constant work of running it all day? Follow these easy hacks if you want to give your room scent a much-needed boost. Learn how to use essential oils as room fragrances and leave your home smelling heavenly.

Using Essential Oil Diffusers at Home

The process of using an essential oil diffuser usually consists of adding water into the machine’s container, then adding a few drops or more if desired essential oils before switching it on. 

The unit should be placed in any room you want to enjoy its fragrance- this is because once they’re activated by light and heat from an electric bulb situated within; their scent will fill up that space.

Choose the Location for Diffusing

What’s the most important thing when it comes to using essential oils in your home? The environment, of course. Place a diffuser about six inches from where you are standing so that its scent can fill everything around. 

To create the best mood for getting rid of stress, try using an essential oil diffuser in your room or office. This will not only help clear out any negative energy but also freshen up stale air with natural scents from plants such as lavender and peppermint. 

Add Water to Your Diffuser

To start off, plug it into a nearby outlet so that there is enough power before you put anything on top like water (which must be heated). Then lay down placemats if needed because wood surfaces can get damp when wetted by released moisture.

Once you have your place picked out, fill up the water tank in a diffuser with clean tap water that’s room temperature. Most of these machines require around four cups for every hour they’re running so be sure to check and follow instructions.

Add Aromatherapy/Essential Oil

Next, add 3-10 drops of essential oils to the water. You can use a single essential oil like lavender or an aromatherapy blend containing many different plant and flower extracts for additional benefits such as increased mental clarity and focus.

Turn Your Essential Oil Diffuser On

Place your diffuser back on and enjoy the wonderful scent. Now you can set which features it has like a nightlight or color changing LED lights. Turn on to start enjoying scents that will relax, soothe, energize, and  excite everyone in your household.

Best Essential Oils You Can Use

  • Lavender essential oil can reduce anxiety and stress while improving sleep quality with its calming fragrance. 
  • Peppermint oil has properties that promote concentration as well as refreshing aroma; it’s perfect to diffuse while doing school work or just trying to get some shut eye at night time.
  • Lemon has a fresh, uplifting scent which helps to detoxify the body as well purify it of negative energy while also leaving you feeling refreshed after use. 
  • Frankincense’s natural properties have made it popular among spiritual practitioners for its ability to balance emotions like anxiety or worry with focus on your day-to-day life goals.
  • Grapefruit essential oil helps reduce food cravings, uplifting, balancing and enhances mood. It also relieves anxiety, stress or tension though its aroma can be too strong for some people’s taste buds. 
  • Eucalyptus is great when you need to relieve your nasal congestion due to seasonal allergies and respiratory ailments such as pneumonia.
  • Sweet orange essential oil is an excellent natural way to improve mood, calm anxiety and uplift your day. The fruity scent can be used in cooking or massaged on skin as well for a healthy detoxification boost that will leave you feeling refreshed.

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