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Installing A Heat Pump: Ecological Heating


The heat pump works with renewable energies and needs heat pump repair rochester, ny if it breaks down. The geothermal heat pump draws calories from the earth using sensors installed in the ground. The hydrothermal heat pump uses the heat from the water table between 7 and 12 degrees. Drilling is, therefore, necessary. The aerothermal heat pump draws calories from the outside air.

There are two main categories of aerothermal heat pumps: the air-water heat pump and the air-air heat pump. The air-water heat pump injects heat into the hot water circuit of the house and the central heating. With the air-air heat pump, calories are transported into the home, thanks to a refrigerant. The fan coil units then charge to cool or warm the atmosphere. The air-air heat pump is also called a reversible heat pump or reversible air conditioning.

The average price of air-water heat pumps, $11,155 including tax, is higher than the average cost of an aerothermal pump, all systems combined ($6,917 including tax).

The heat pump does not release any pollutants into the atmosphere. It is therefore not necessary to install an exhaust duct, as for a combustion heater (fuel oil, gas, coal, wood). It also does not give off an odor, as an oil boiler can do.

Installing A Heat Pump: Economical Heating

The heat pump is a cost-effective heating system in use. Its installation cost is amortized over the years. A heat pump, whatever its energy source, needs electricity to function. However, its coefficient of performance (COP) is excellent. 1 kWh of electricity consumed allows, in some cases, to restore between 3 to 4 kWh of thermal energy in a dwelling.

An operating asset to take into account at a time when the fossil fuel bill is continuously increasing, due to their scarcity.

The development of heat pumps is booming, particularly for the ground-water or ground-air models.

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