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Ipe Decking 101: Gold Standard In Decking Solutions


Picking the right decking solutions redefines your outdoor space. The aesthetic and durability, including a mix of sustainability, Ipe brazilian ipe decking Florida will be the top-tier choice for homeowners and businesses. Brazilian Ipe Wood prides itself on providing the highest hardwood quality for decking, ensuring the investment translates to years of appreciation and enjoyment. You can transform your outdoor space into a luxurious oasis that stands the test of time.

Ipe decking will be the perfect solution. An ipe deck can be an enduring treatment to resilience and elegance with the proper care and installation practices.

Ipe decking installation

Installing an Ipe deck is done in various ways, depending on the desired look. Ipe is a dense wood that goes through drill bits faster than softwoods. It can’t be glued or nailed. When installing the Ipe deck, the method chosen determines the steps to follow. The most common installation methods are:

Face screw method. You should secure Ipe boards to the substructure using the screws placed through the boards’ faces. The method will be straightforward but leaves screw heads visible.

Hidden fastener system. You can use fasteners or special clips to attach Ipe boards, making screws less visible for a clean look. The method is common for its seamless appearance.

Ipe plug method. Another method of installing an Ipe deck is by using Ipe plugs. It hides the screws so that the wood looks uniform.

Tips to install Ipe decking

If you plan to install an Ipe decking yourself, you can follow the essential steps to doing so:

Pre-drilling is the key. Given that Ipe wood density, it is essential to pre-drill holes for the mounting of screws. The step here keeps wood splitting and ensures a seamless finish.

End sealing. To keep end-checking, apply the wax-based end sealer quickly after cutting.

Allow for contraction and expansion. Like any natural material, the Ipe wood expands or contracts based on the weather. You may leave a small gap between the boards on installation to accommodate the changes.

Use high-quality fasteners. You can invest in stainless steel screws or invisible fastening systems that resist rusting and provide a clean and unblemished deck surface.

Regular maintenance. While Ipe decking needs less maintenance than the other woods, occasional cleaning and application of quality deck oil keep its shine and extend the lifespan.

For planning to install an Ipe deck and don’t have an idea, you can always ask a professional before you start the decking installation project.

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