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Know About The Various Home Staging Melbourne Companies


What is Home staging?

Home staging Melbourne refers to the interior home decor designing which helps in selling the real estate or property a way faster and for bigger return policies. Home moving planners are some of the famous home staging companies of Melbourne who can give us the best home staging services at the best budget.

Cost of home staging

The cost of this process is around $25 to $150 with an average price of $75 per hour. These companies can also bring their own furniture if needed and can restyle and reinvent the home with the latest designs using your old furniture. And it will substantially reduce the cost of staging and selling a house for sale with a good amount of profit.

Services provided by the home staging planners

  • The clearing of the decreased estate.
  • Relocation of the downsizing.
  • Clearing of the hoarder.
  • Estate and house clearance.
  • Maintenance of the trade.
  • Packing and unpacking of the accessories.
  • Preparing the house for sale.
  • Preparing the house for settlement.
  • Styling of the property.

Process of home moving planners

  • Step 1– First step is the free consultation stage where an initial phone call conversation is conducted or an email enquiry and the circumstances, priorities and other services are being discussed that may require including the timelines. After that a time is being set for the inspection of the property and the recommendations on the basis of which we can present the sale of the house.
  • Step 2– A comprehensive and personalized quote is being provided that outlines all the hired items by the room associated with costs. 
  • Step 3– After a comprehensive quote is approved; all the furniture items and accessories are selected at the warehouse. All the different room will have a different decor that are expertly put together and photographed at the warehouse. All the items are carefully packed for the housing and delivered.
  • Step 4- And in the last step, home moving planners arranges and set all the furniture and bedding including the artwork and accessories chosen for the home. 

Before putting your house for sale, make sure it looks attractive and a potential property that will please the buyers and they can surely go for your property. Present your room in such a way that they look large and spacious. As these days, buyers mostly demands for a spacious room. You can do this by removing unnecessary furniture and clutter from your room. 


Also, try to modestly furnish your room and decorate it by taking help of the stylist. Sometimes, buyers are not very used to with furniture the styling for their house, so this is the best way to please the buyers with your home styling and grab the deal.


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