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Know some facts about HOA member privileges


A homeowners’ association (HOA) has a responsibility to ensure that all member homeowners abide by its rules in exchange for providing services such as maintenance, repairs and security and maintain a high quality of life in a community. As long as you abide by the rules and pay your dues on time, you’ll be fine. Do otherwise and you may be in for a rude awakening. A homeowners’ association like  the popularscottsdalehoa management companies can increase your dues or special assessments–one-time dues for unexpected association expenditures–without homeowner input or approval. When you join a HOA, you are contractually bound to being responsible for payment of your dues as specified by the HOA’s rules. The association can sue you if you fail to pay. It can foreclose on your property for nonpayment and attach a lien to your property. If you end up in court, the HOA will most likely win because failure to pay your dues constitutes a breach in your contract with the HOA.


Aware of the terms and restrictions

A homeowner’s association can change the rules and regulations governing a HOA without input or approval from the homeowner’s. If you don’t like the changes, your only recourse is to complain–or move. Your objections may be heard, but an HOA can enforce any rules they deem appropriate, whether the homeowners like it or not. For this reason it is crucial to review a homeowners’ association’s rules and regulations before you sign up as a member. A homeowners’ association can impose restrictions on what you do to and on your property. If you want to install a fence around your yard, you’d better clear with the HOA or face a fine. Some associations may restrict the number of vehicles you can have on your property, others may prohibit wind chimes, signs on your lawn, garage sales or even pets.

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