Know the frequent breakdowns on a washing machine before you buy


Welcome to our article to help you identify, protect and repair your washing machine. To meet our needs, manufacturers are going further and further into new technologies to help us in daily tasks. In spite of having latest technologies and manufacturing processes, companies cannot guarantee the break downs. It is always suggested to consult with an expert technician before you even think of opening any parts yourself.

You may find several online guides on how to buy Best washing machine in India, but we thought to help you by offering a guide on certain breakdowns, so that you can stay out of any inconvenience. The washing machine is subjected to our rhythm of daily life, can sometimes encounter difficulties. Let’s see together how to help and take care of him so that he accompanies us as long as possible with the least possible worries.

Why is my washing machine tripping?

Caution is required for the first failure that we will see together. Indeed, this is an electrical problem and it should never be neglected. This problem can quickly turn out to be dramatic. First, you can check that this annoyance is not coming from the outlet your device is plugged into. So try to connect it to another outlet and repeat the test. If your device continues to create this problem, then you will need to check the cables.

To do this, make sure everything is unplugged and inspect any cables that you can see outside of your machine. If these are damaged or in poor condition, switching on can create an electrical leak and trip your meter. If the cables are not visible, it will then be necessary to contact an after-sales service or a professional in order to carry out this manipulation.

Why does my washing machine no longer drain?

Sometimes you may find that a lot of water is left in your washing machine at the end of a cycle. We will see the different steps to be carried out to identify where the fault is coming from.

Start by unplugging your machine. You will then need a little helping-hand to carry out these manipulations. Remove the water connection hose and lay it on the ground. If you notice that a lot of water is pouring out, put the hose in the basin. Then open the hatch at the bottom of it to remove the filter. Clean it, make sure nothing is blocking the passage, let it soak in white vinegar if you find that it is calcified and replace it carefully. If possible, do filter cleaning at least once every two or three months.

For top washing machines, cleaning can be more complicated. Indeed, some machines do not have a band at the bottom but a filter accessible inside the drum. Other filters will only be accessible by a professional. We advise you to check that nothing is blocking this pipe. If none of this matches, the problem may be with the hose connecting the tank to the pump which is clogged or with the pump itself, which is faulty. In these cases, we advise you to contact the expert technician if it is still under warranty.

Why is my washing machine moving?

If you notice (often during the spin cycle) that your washing machine is moving too much, check the feet. If these are not set correctly, then the machine may spin out during the spin and rinse. If despite this adjustment the machine continues to move, we advise you to contact a professional to see if the problem could not come from the shock absorber or the springs which can be just as easy to adjust as to change.

Why is my washing machine leaking?

First of all, we advise you to manually switch off your machine at the meter if it is surrounded by water. Indeed, you will have to unplug it. We do not recommend doing this with your feet in the water. The result could be catastrophic. Once the washing machine has been switched off, you can unplug it manually. First, check the connection of your machine to the water supply. Next, check the physical condition of the drain hose. If it has holes, cracks or is blocked, the water will find an outlet and it will not be the right one. Finally, if you notice a hole in the bowl of your drum, the machine needs to be changed.

Why does my washing machine make noise when spinning?

First of all, we recommend that you check the stability of your washing machine. Spinning is the fastest phase of the cycle. If your machine is not stabilized properly, it will sway and therefore make noise. Once this has been verified and if nothing has changed, you will have to look at the bearings. To do this, turn the drum by hand. If it blocks or “clicks”, it means that the bearings need to be changed. These work much like car wheels. The problem could be with the shock absorbers of your washing machine. Anyway, do not hesitate to contact a professional or the after-sales service of your device. So take action before the problem gets worse.

In summary, frequent washing machine breakdowns

In order to safeguard your device as long as possible, we recommend that you carry out regular maintenance. Clean the dispenser box to soften any product that may have accumulated there. In the same way, do a vacuum wash by pouring a bottle of white vinegar directly into the drum. Finally, know that the after-sales service and professionals are at your disposal to help you with your repairs.

Selecting the Best washing machine is not hard. Apart from each eye-catching feature, you must also look for the best customer care services. What is the meaning of buying a 25,000 INR washing machine if the manufacturer doesn’t offer fast customer service? What is the meaning of buying an average brand if the manufacturer has no customer care services and depends on third party service centers? What is the meaning of buying a washing machine if it doesn’t offer adequate parts warranty?

Now that you know that these problems may arise in near future, it is quite obvious that you will select the brand that offers best product at affordable price without compromising in quality, warranty and customer service.

Now, do you think that this article has been a complete waste of time?

Obviously not!

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