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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection cases skyrocket, governments are taking various measures to control its spread. With over 250,000 reported cases and approximately 11,800 people succumbing to the illness, many people in areas that are not greatly affected are opting for a self-imposed quarantine.

However, some countries like China, Germany, Iran, Spain, and Italy have reported over 20,000 infection cases. As such, governments are imposing stricter rules to deal with the menace. One of the major steps countries have taken is to announce nationwide lockdown. Belgium, Italy, France, and Spain are among such countries.

While lockdowns are meant to curb the spread of the virus, it hurts a country’s economy. The severity of the economic impact largely depends on the duration and how extensive the lockdown is.

For starters, governments will witness a reduction in business and consumer activity. If the lockdown is prolonged, businesses will fail and people will suffer layoffs. 

As the economy continues to deteriorate, social stability is compromised and more people become desperate. Desperation means more people will turn to illegal activities such as stealing to feed their loved ones. Home break-ins will also significantly increase. As such, getting a locksmith to tighten your home security is imperative.

Tightening your home security during the COVID-19 crisis

Since the COVID-19 lockdown is likely to compromise home security, homeowners must enforce the security of their homes by installing, adjusting, and repairing locks and security devices in their home systems.

With their skills and knowledge, locksmiths will install and reinforce security hardware in the residential homes to up physical security and protect homeowners from unauthorized entry from burglars.

A sense of security is what people need at this particular time. And seeking the services of a locksmith is like having anxiety treatment about personal safety.

Alongside locksmith services, there are a few other practices homeowners should implement to ensure maximum security of their homes during the coronavirus worldwide crisis. 

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Always make sure your doors and windows are locked; even when stepping out briefly.
  • Always lock your valuables in a safe or keep them away from areas where they are in clear sight or easily accessible to strangers.
  • Regularly change your security passcodes
  • Upgrade your home security by installing motion sensors
  • Trim or do away with shrubs or bushes near the house to eliminate any potential hiding spots.
  • Avoid sharing on social media or announcing to everyone that you are on a trip or away from the house. If you have to be away, just talk to one or two neighbors you trust so that they can keep an eye on your house and report any signs of activity while you are away.

As much as we are putting in protection measures, an invasion might occur. In such cases:

  • Make sure you have a backup of all your data
  • Call the police immediately 
  • Do not touch anything. The burglars might have left fingerprints that will come in handy when bringing the perpetrators to justice.
  • If you are outside, remain there. Going in is dangerous as the thieves might still be in the house.


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