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Low-Cost Bathroom Refurbishment Ideas for Rented Apartments


Now, many people live in rented apartments that have small bathrooms with limited facilities in the suburban area of Melton. However, a renovation expert can render a beautiful look and luxurious comfort even within a short budget. Therefore, it is better to check the useful ideas offered for the bathroom refurbishment Melton. There are many effective ways of upgrading the entire layout of a small-sized bathroom, without bringing any major architectural changes that may not be allowed.

Addition of storage facility – Small bathroom vanities can be added to unused spaces, like below the sink or above the toilet cistern. These vanities are not permanent features and can be removed easily when the tenant will move out of this rented home. However, these vanities help in storing all types of toiletries, cleaning agents, towels, and bathrobes. Therefore, the installation of vanities helps to declutter the bathroom and keep the space well-organized.

Replace worn-out fixtures – The bathroom of a rented flat may have a worn-out sink, blocked showerhead, damaged towel rack, or broken taps. It is better to replace these essential fixtures to make the bathroom more comfortable for residents. Many low-cost varieties of these fixtures are available in the local building materials stores, which can be purchased for the cheap bathroom refurbishment Melton. However, the quality of these fixtures should be good enough to last many years.

Upgrade the shabby floor – Some tiles of the bathroom floor may be often heavily stained or cracked in a rented home. It is essential to replace these tiles, which can be expensive for some people. Hence, tile skin can be added as a coating over these tile surfaces, which is a form of adhesive. The variety of this tile skin can be picked according to the existing colour and pattern of the tiles. The tile skin can be easily removed from the tile surface before moving out of the rented apartment.

Change of lighting style – If the lighting in the bathroom of the rented apartment does not seem to be adequate, better lights can be installed for a brighter view. Bulbs of more power can be fitted instead of the existing low-powered bulb that casts a gloomy look. The addition of an extra light over the mirror and putting a stylish lighting shade over the bulb is an easy and functional way of bathroom refurbishment Melton.

The toilet seat is another feature that can be upgraded during the brief project of bathroom refurbishment Melton, for which the tenant does not need to have the prior approval of the landlord.

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