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Making The Right Choices For Your Luxury Interior


Nowadays,for every best interior designers in Bangalore, the luxury interior is becoming a fashion either for home or office. It is an essential part of a luxurious life. The wall finishing is the most critical part of interior decor.

The walls are not just to partition the home, but unique wall finishes make your home feel personal, custom, and exciting. Walls have become the hallmark of a modern home.

Today interior decorators in Bangalore work is all about making statements with walls. Therefore the choice of wall finishing is playing a vital role while doing interior decor. This article will help you learn about various wall finishes available in the market to make wise decisions.

Different types of wall finishes:

  1. Textured wall finishing:

Rather than just paint a wall with color, adding a texture can revamp a room in an entirely new way. Wall textures convert flat walls into dynamic ones that augment light, dimension, and interest to the room.

Textured walls cover the tiny holes, nicks, and scratches in your home’s drywall instead of only patching and painting. Textured walls make them visually attractive. There are different textured wall finishes available in the market like orange peel, sand swirl, knockdown, slap brush, etc.

  1. Wood wall finishing: If you want to give a modern or rustic farmhouse, then wood walls are the perfect way to enhance a room. You can spend your wall with a wood-grain effect that infuses warmth and natural beauty to any room.
  1. Wallpaper:

If you want budget-friendly but stylish wall finishing, then wallpapers are an excellent choice. There are various prints, patterns, and styles available from modular kitchen Bangalore.

  1. 3D wall painting: It gives an artistic touch to walls. 3D illustration stylized your wall with visually captivating designs. You can design in your way also like telling your story, family portrait, or special moment painted on your wall.
  1. Cladding: It is one most common and popular types of wall finishing. There are various types of stones available in the market, like granite, marble, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, etc. They are readily available in multiple patterns and colors also.
  1. Mirror wall finish: If you have little space, designing one wall with a mirror is smart. The mirror makes a room appear more extensive than the actual size. It also makes areas look bright and luxurious at the same time. Various variants like frosted, translucent, patterned glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, satin glass, etc.

A perfect wall finish uplifts the aesthetics look of the home and gives a million-dollar look. You have to pick the right wall finish that matches your budget, taste, and requirements. The right choice of wall finishing can create a flow and feel seamless. Selecting the right wall finishes can breathe life into your space.

Right Choice= Right Impression

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