Modern Structures That Can Be Incorporated While Building A New Home


Nowadays, everyone is keen on contemporary architecture. There will be that one style that goes with your taste, and you wish to have the same at your home or office. But, what if there is something in the design expanse that you might like even more? Well, getting to know about the various upcoming aspects of modern architecture will help you out at this juncture. Some of these elements include a shuttering and wooden stair. Let’s take a detailed look at them.


The temporary assistance structure that is used in the initial stages of construction, like a cast for a fresh wet mix of concrete till it gets the stability to stay on its own, is known as shuttering (ไม้ แบบ, which is the term in Thai). Another term used to describe the same is formwork. 

  • It is significant to use this structure as it allows project directors to bring about efficient assemblage and necessary dismantling of formwork materials, which otherwise can be an expensive and tedious procedure. 
  • As construction is a costly undertaking, using these structures can play a vital role in fulfilling your budget needs. 
  • Furthermore, it can give strong support to put concrete on different types of surfaces and produce a desired clean and finished look to the concrete surfaces.

The three kinds of formwork include steel formwork, wooden plank formwork, and temporary brick masonry formwork. You can choose any of them based on the materials available and by evaluating the one that suits your construction activity.

Wooden Stair

An easy mode of moving between the different floors of a building is by stairs. This means of vertical conveyance construction is the most popular means for reaching the upper and lower floors of a structure and can be built utilizing a broad range of materials based on their accessibility, purpose, and external appeal. 

Anyhow, wooden stair (ไม้ บันได, term in Thai) is a very functional and classic construction structure. This might not exactly be a recent model of the stair as it has been in use for ages. But, it still manages to give off a certain conventional vibe that emanates with perpetual beauty. Strength, finishing quality, and general aesthetic merits are the factors that contribute to the choice of wood used in constructing these stairs.

Today’s architecture has very elegant and simplistic basic ideals such as comfort and convenience, despite the general notion that contemporary design equates to complexity. It doesn’t abandon the concept of visual manifestation of beauty but does not entirely concentrate on it as well, meaning excessive and elaborate intricate design details can be avoided unless you wish to have them. One should keep in mind these points before confirming the design for building a new house or building. Hope this article has given you a clear understanding of how shuttering and wooden stair are good construction structures.

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