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Must buy baskets for a modular kitchen


Modular kitchen is all about embracing the space in a systematic and organized manner. What makes the kitchen is well structured is not just how it is being constructed on the exterior, but also on the interior as well. The cabinet should contain the right baskets in order get a clean and clutter-free kitchen.

Every woman would love to have a spacious kitchen, allowing her to store in things in a systematic manner. By having the right tool in the kitchen, it’s now possible to arrange items in a better way otherwise becoming a daunting task for one to even locate where the ingredients or utensils are stored. Ask your spouse what they like in the kitchen, so that you can get durable baskets for storage purposes.

The baskets come in a range of styles and sizes, based on the place to fit in; mostly, baskets are fixed within the cabinets or kitchen drawers.

Cutlery tray

The cutlery tray baskets come with small divisions, which could store different forms of cutlery from serving spoons, forks, dessert knives to tablespoons. It’s better to install it right below or near your cooking hob for easy access. The in-built adjustable steel wires in the basket ensure any moisture attached to the tray doesn’t cause any impact on the cabinets.

Corner swing-out

It’s best to take maximum benefit from the corners, as they occupy a large area of a kitchen. These baskets can be the perfect choice to store big or larger sized utensils that you use very rarely. The ideal corner swing-out baskets come in a range of 19 to 27 inches (diameters wise) with 17in height.

Cup and saucer

These baskets come in similar shape as partition baskets with different sections to arrange your cup & saucer and dinner set. These have a combination of regular partition and plate holding partition.

Bottle baskets

Also referred to as pull out trays, these high quality baskets are designed to place bottles of different shapes and sizes. These think baskets comprise in-built racks to hold different bottles, ranging from water bottles, pickles to oil and ketchup among few others to place in an orderly manner. The proper portioning in the racks guarantees that bottles do not break or clink. Designed only for bottles, these baskets ensure that items placed do not clash with each other.

Garbage baskets

Since the area right under the sink can’t be utilised for general kitchen storage purposes, these baskets usually installed on the door of the cabinet, below the sink. Available in 10 inch diameter and 6 inch height, these baskets come handy when you want to dispose and segregate wet trash (kitchen waste).

Pan basket

These plain baskets let you to store different sizes of pans. The stainless steel baskets are a must in any kitchen.

Available in different shapes to serve the purpose, above is a list of ideal baskets that you need to install the kitchen.  Based on what type of baskets you choose for cabinets, the modular kitchen price varies.


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