Nest Pest Control Can Get Rid of Your Unwanted Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are a pest that leave behind itchy bites. Many people do not realize they have a bug problem until they awaken to bites on the trunks of their bodies. Bed bugs latch on to their victims and release chemicals that make the blood flow easier. Once it begins to flow, these bugs gorge themselves on their victim’s blood until they practically pass out with intoxication. Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of these unwanted pests. With help from Nest Pest Control, bed bugs can become a thing of the past for homeowners.

Prevention Is Best

When it comes to bed bugs, prevention is always best. It is always easier to protect against these bugs than to get rid of them once they have infiltrated a home. The following tips will make protecting a home against these bugs much easier.

  • Keeping a home free of clutter will help to keep bugs away. When bed bugs do not have places to hide, they are less likely to invade a home.
  • Individuals should always be careful when purchasing any items from thrift stores. Thrift store items, including clothing, furniture, and linens, can all harbor bed bug infestations, bringing them into a home.
  • It is wise to wash bed linens and curtains regularly. Washing these items in hot water will help to destroy the bed bugs in all stages of life. These can even be helpful in getting rid of a current infestation.

Call the Exterminator

Calling an exterminator is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of a bed bug problem. No one wants these bloodsuckers in their homes. Getting rid of these pests will stop the itchy bites and make sleeping much more comfortable.

Exterminators are carefully trained and offer the tools to ensure bed bugs are eradicated in all stages of life. When a homeowner attempts a DIY approach to getting rid of unwanted pests, they can end up missing some of them. Often, it can be difficult to destroy the larvae, leading to a new infestation in a short amount of time.

Signs of Bed Bugs

There are multiple signs that can occur when bed bugs are present in a home. One of the most common signs is itchy bites. These bites will occur in a zig zag pattern and will feel very irritating.

Other signs include smears of blood on bedding, left behind egg casings and exoskeletons, and a musty smell. The musty smell will typically only occur when there is a large infestation. If any of these signs is occurring, homeowners need to call in the professionals right away. They can get rid of pests promptly, allowing homeowners to be free of the irritating bugs that are causing them pain.

Call today if you would like to learn more about these pest control services. With help from a pest control expert, bed bugs will no longer roam a home, leaving behind painful bites. If you want to be free of bed bugs once and for all, call today to get started.

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