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Not All Carpet Cleaning Services Are Equal


When it comes to choosing a carpet cleaning service, it is important to remember that not all services are equal. What are some things that should be important when making such a selection? How can you ensure you get the results you are looking for?

First, know what your expectations are and then compare those with what would be provided. For example, what method will they use to clean your carpets and do you have any concerns about any solution or chemicals that might be used? Do you want them to treat your carpets with any sort of protectant after they are cleaned? Are you expecting that your furniture will be moved? If so, what additional costs might you incur by having the contracted service move furniture? You don’t want to be surprised when you look under your bed and find that the carpet was not cleaned because you had a misconception about whose responsibility it was to move the bed.

Second, consider the cost involved. Make certain you know exactly what you are paying for. Clearly identify all aspects of the job and know what you will be charged for each item. Does all the furniture need to be moved? Very heavy pieces that have been in the same place probably do not need to be moved to clean the already clean carpet underneath. Do you have any rugs that you want cleaned as well? Are they expensive, handmade and/or antiques? If so, make sure you identify these as such and ensure that they will not be harmed in any way by the process that your carpet cleaning service will use to clean them.

Thirdly, talk to the contracted service about any other items you would like them to clean. For instance, many carpet cleaning services will also clean your upholstery. So, if you want that big sectional cleaned, know that it will cost more than your average sofa. Always identify and get a price for these services up front so that you don’t run into any misunderstandings or suffer sticker shock when you get the final bill.

Finally, look for a service that has received positive reviews from its customers. Frequently, previous customers leave very specific comments on what they appreciated or what they really disliked about the carpet cleaning services they received from a particular company. When comparing services, be sure you are looking carefully at the reviews. Sometimes, a negative review is based not on the quality of the actual work performed but because the customer didn’t perform their own due diligence ahead of time and was surprised to find out something (like moving the furniture) was an extra charge. Once you have completed the process, it would be helpful to future consumers if you left your own review of the service you hired.

In summary, if you want to be satisfied with your carpet cleaning services, make sure you do thorough research and know exactly what you are hoping to achieve. Then, go with a service that you are confident will meet your expectations.

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