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Picking the Perfect Property for Your Business in Australia


It is a requirement by the government agencies and regulators that your company has a principal place for business. This is where you conduct the daily transaction and office duties, housing as well the firm’s most important documents. So, it is only wise to choose the right property for your business before you plan further.

For every business, it is vital to choose a good location. In an ideal setting, it should be conveniently accessible for the employees, suppliers, and customers. If you are renting, the place should have a reasonable rate within your financial capability. It is indeed a big balancing act when choosing the property for your business.

Here are the following factors you should consider when choosing the right property for your business.

Looking at Your Finances First

Your financial capability should be the primary factor when you are deciding on a property for your business. Whether you are buying or renting an office or commercial space, you should have the capacity to support the transaction financially.

When renting a workplace, the monthly rental payment is something that should be itemized in your budget. The company should be able to generate income from the business enough to finance everyday operations, including regular rental payment.

Avoid choosing properties that are way too costly because your business is the one that is going to suffer. Rental payment is not the only expense your company will incur. There is other spending like salaries, utilities, and even insurance.

With this, you have to assess carefully. Pick the one that is within your budget but can meet the company’s needs.

Finding the Perfect Location

After pinning down the budget for the property, you need to search for the one that is within your price bracket and is in a good location. As mentioned, location is everything.

A retail space in a shopping area with tons of foot traffic everyday may cost you more than a unit located in a cul-de-sac. But it can be rewarding once you have generated a good customer base and expected daily sales.

But if you do not need food traffic, you can choose an office space that is cheaper and located in a less populated area. However, you still have to make sure that it is accessible to everyone. Remember an employee is also considering the location of the workplace when choosing a job. You do not want to lose half your staff because your office is hard to locate or is not accessible via regular commuting.

Complying with the Legal Aspects

In owning a property for your business, there are legal considerations you have to account for. For example, you need a planning permission if you wish to change the use of the building according to your needs. You also need to take into consideration the regulations for health, safety, and fire; insurance payments; licenses; and even accessibility. You would also need to pay stamp duty if you buy the property. You would also need to comply with the terms of the lease if you are renting the property.

Other Things to Consider

Of course, there are other matters you should remember when picking the property for your business. Here are the following:

  • The property should be near local amenities and essential establishments, such as banks, hospitals, and postal depot.
  • The property should be reachable by package or mail delivery.
  • The property should be in an area near local parking facilities.
  • The property should not be near too many competitors in the area so you can literally corner the market.

Business Takeover in Australia

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