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Platform Beds And Spring Beds-Which One Is Superior?


Fashion is a continuous process that keeps evolving. So changes the fashion for furniture. Based on utility and requirements, the furniture designs get updated to match the need of the people in general. As the times move on, the design, shape, and other specifications change for furniture.

Beds are an integral part of the furniture and provide comfort to everyone. The structural difference between the bed frames of yesterday and today is noticeable. Today, we consider that box springs are old technology and prefer platform beds instead. 

The new varieties offer a set of advantages for which these are becoming a popular version. Here is what you need to know about both the varieties to arrive at a conclusion regarding which one is superior.

Style And Aesthetics

As far as the aesthetics are concerned, it depends on the individual choice of the users. If you have an eye for the modern interior arrangements, the platform beds will suit you more. But if you like to keep the interiors traditional, a spring bed would probably be a better choice. 

However, leaving the typical tendencies behind, the most opted for choice has now become the platform beds owing to their precise look and streamlined design that matches every urban interior.  

Storage Facilities

If storage capacity is on your mind, the platform beds have much to offer you. But the spring beds do not come with the drawer options like the platform beds and thus do not offer any additional space for storage as well. Hence, from the perspective of storage facilities, platform beds are always superior to their spring box counterparts. 

Protection Of Mattress

You put one of the most important parts of your bed, the mattress, on the bed frame. Hence, you must care about the protection of the same. As far as the platform beds are concerned, it keeps the memory foam mattresses safe and free from mold by allowing proper air circulation through the length and breadth of the mattress. This breathability feature can surely be counted as one of the advantages of platform beds.

On the contrary, spring beds do not allow the air to circulate through the extent of the mattress, making it vulnerable to molds and mildew to develop with an accumulation of moisture. Hence, if you wish to keep your mattress safe and protected, opting for a platform bed frame would be a smarter choice. 

Height Of The Bed

The height of the bed is a concern for those with mobility issues. If a bed is too high, it might be difficult for many to get on to the bed. However, a bed with moderate height will be easier for all to get into. Hence, for people with a mobility restriction, platform beds are considered the best as the bed frames add to the height of the beds marginally. However, the box spring beds are taller and do not offer ease to move out of the bed.

Choose your bed frame carefully to judge why platform beds are good for all before you buy one.  




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