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Pocket-friendly Ideas that do Magic in Bathroom Remodeling


According to popular remodeling culture, bathroom improvisation must cost a substantial amount. But a creative remodel can be budget-friendly if the owner knows a few pocket-friendly ideas, some of which are listed below.

Opt A Safe and Stylish Bathroom Tile

There are tons of style and color choices when looking for bathroom tiles. But never sideline the concept of safety too. A stylish and safe tiled floor with a Floating Bathroom Vanity can never go wrong. Many tiles often lose their luster, develop cracks, and become moldy and slippery after a few years. To avoid slipping in your shower, always go for textured tiles in that area.

Install A Tub Only If It’s Necessary

Many people add a bathtub just for the sake of style quotient. But a tub is a waste of money if you never use it. It also wastes valuable space in an already small bathroom. If you use and have a bathtub that has some cosmetic issues (yellowed surface, cracks, etc.), don’t get a new one rather repairs the current one.

Paint the Walls Yourself 

To paint the whole house, a professional painter is the best choice. But anyone can handle to paint the bathroom interiors. The reason is that vanity, mirror, and tiles cover the majority of walls. In the end, you have a handful of walls to paint yourself. Furthermore, you can use a combination of different paint colors to create a masterpiece design (try this only if you can wall-paint).

Invest in Better Lights

Bathrooms need good lightings because they have access to little natural light. Good lights make a bathroom look cleaner and change the mood too. Lighter colors help in bringing warmth to the room. A proper light source around your shower can do wonders. Also, adding bulbs around your mirror, sink, and vanity can give you excellent lighting when you are fixing your hair, doing makeup, and shaving.

Choose A Suitable Vanity

Bathroom vanities are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and even the number of doors. Some vanities come with the sink already attached to it. A vanity (if chosen properly) can suit any bathroom theme and decor. One such popular and emerging style is a Floating Bathroom Vanity (also called Wall Mounted Vanity). These are best suitable for modern styled and small bathrooms. It radiates a minimalistic look and yet grabs everyone’s attention, all while serving its actual use.

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