Preserving Your Furniture Searching Brand-new While Owning Pets


Safeguard your house within the furriest occupants with attractive, durable slipcovers. Shielding your selected pieces from staining does not have to mean draping them in shapeless tarps and sheets. Compliment pure beauty in your furniture while ensuring defense from the dirt, pet hair, and general scrappiness that unfailingly includes getting cats and dogs. Enjoy snuggling together with your favorite furry buddies without dealing with sacrifice just one cushion. It isn’t just possible, it’s easy! And considering the variety of fitted slipcover designs and styles, all washer-dryer friendly by design, you can have a very decorator’s approach in protecting your house. Browse these great styles today and identify the best look. Your animal buddies will know the freedom to make use of furnishings, you’ll benefit from the comfortable blends, perfect for relaxing on.

Linen Pet Covers

Soft linen pet covers slip easily over furniture a family group stain-free. Safeguard seats, backs and arms of ordinary sofas, chairs and love seats from degeneration. When covers accrue soil, simply toss towards the wash and replace on furniture. Pets will love the liberty to determine inside, together with your common spaces will enjoy a totally new recognition and charm.

Taupe Quilted Suede Pet Covers

Slip covers in beautiful quilted suede produce an easy strategy to protecting indoor décor from untidy pets. And versatile, elegant taupe is unquestionably an understated tone that compliments nearly any design plan. Outfit your common spaces in practical slip covers and revel in quality sofa time together with your pet, worry free!

Vinyl Chair Covers

On wet or snowy days, keeping muddy pets from ruining furniture may well be a real challenge. Waterproof Vinyl Chair Covers give you the epitome of protection against stains and hang on within the extended and temporary. Attractive upholstery remains visible through transparent coverings, while contoured fits allow family people and visitors functional usage of seating. Clever vinyl wipes clean in a single stroke without-sweat cleanup. It’s effective stain protection made simple.

Sagging Sofa/Chair Support

Could be the family’s favorite sofa for roughhousing and relaxation starting to sag? Don’t get worried! Sagging Sofa/Chair Supports lend contour and structure to old furniture, adding a lengthy time for the lives of the extremely beloved pieces and enhancing your premiums within the bargain.

Simply insert supports underneath the cushions of old sofas and chairs to completely refresh their feel and look. You will see that new supports improve posture, resulting in healthier sitting habits. Inserts are created from high quality vinyl-covered particalboard. Chair, (19 x 22″) Love Seat, (19 x 44″) Sofa, (19 x 66″)

Red Pet Covers

Attractive, one piece slipcover drapes over your selected sofas, loveseats and chairs for everyday protection against stains and hang on. Covers in attractive, elegant red shield a corner, arms and seat from dirt, grime and dirt transported in by household pets. The covers are super easy to store, machine cleanable and created to last!

Chocolate Quilted Suede Pet Covers

Pet covers keep the furniture making unnecessary pet discipline a problem ever. Cover well trafficked sofas, loveseats and arm chairs in comfortable quilted suede and relax within the knowing that even your canine’s dirtiest day isn’t any competition for the protection you get easily available contoured, durable slipcovers. Chocolate Brown could be a decorator’s go-to, because it disguises stains, complements nearly everything, and suggests understated elegance, it does not appear your room’s décor. These suede covers are machine cleanable, folds easily for storage.

Sleeve Floor Protectors

Frustrated with scuff and skid marks within your beautiful hardwood flooring? Try Sleeve Floor Protectors to snuff the issue at its source. Protectors slip easily for the feet connected getting a typical size furniture. Floors stay blemish-free, and furnishings will certainly resist slippage, a known safety hazard, especially during kids’ play. Dual layered felt pads makes moving bigger, heavier pieces simpler, and provide cushioning to protect structure of sofas and chairs after a while. Made to disappear, Sleeve Floor Protectors are hardly noticeable on. An operating method of safety-proof your house and the feeling and appearance from the family’s common spaces.

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