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Air conditioning should not be the first solution when it is hot because there are easy ways to keep your home cool. By leaving the openings (doors, windows, curtains, shutters) closed during the hours of sunshine and open during the night, it is possible to refresh your interior. During hot weather, do not hesitate to use the naturally cooled rooms (basement, garage, rooms in the shade, etc.). The use of air conditioning washington dc may then be considered if your home is difficult to cool or for fragile people. In the latter case, bring in a professional who will be the only one able to judge the type, power and location of the necessary equipment. So go for the Air Conditioning Services in Hertfordshire now.

How to clean the air conditioning? 

Are you considering the installation of an air conditioning system? Do you already have air conditioning? Whether reversible, fixed or mobile, beyond the classic maintenance that you can do yourself, the intervention of a professional is necessary for cleaning and checking that it is working properly.

When it works, the air conditioning is loved, but when it breaks it’s always at the worst time, when it’s really hot! This is normal, since this is when you ask for it the most. It is at such times that we regret not having followed the maintenance recommendations of our air conditioning installer.

Responsible use

The target temperature of an air-conditioned room is 25 to 26 ° C so as not to cause thermal shock when passing through the cooled room. In addition, the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature should not be more than 5 ° C. To ensure this, it may be useful to position thermometers in the cooled room and outside out of direct sunlight. Also think about energy savings: 1 ° C less is equivalent to 20-25% more energy consumption.

  • It is recommended to enter a cooled room with several layers of clothing in order to avoid thermal shock and to be able to gradually remove them as you get used to the temperature.
  • Avoid sitting precisely under the source of cold air, as this “draft” can cause neck pain, stiff necks or respiratory tract infections (colds, sore throats, etc.).
  • There is no need to run your device all day, a few hours a day is enough to cool a room. In addition, air conditioners dry out the air, which is harmful to the ocular and respiratory mucous membranes. The ideal humidity (percentage of humidity) in a room is between 30 and 60%.

If your air conditioner has a hot air exhaust pipe, it is strongly recommended not to open a window to release the pipe or to leave it inside the air-conditioned room (contrary to what certain modes indicate. instructions or catalogs). The doors and windows of the cooled room must be kept closed to preserve the temperature.


Finally, air conditioning does not ensure the renewal of the air. At night, open windows or doors to change the air.


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