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Repaint Your Home to Retain Its Chic Appearance – How Often Should You Repaint?


The aesthetic appeal of your home is elevated by the paint colours. The choice of paint colour has the power to add a dash of sophistication. However, paint is prone to fading, chalking, cracking, blistering and peeling. You’ll have to repaint both the interiors and exteriors every few years to retain the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Many homeowners have a dilemma deciding how often to repaint their home. A common misconception is that exteriors require frequent repainting than interiors since it is more exposed to environmental elements. The exterior paints are infused with extra additives to withstand harsh conditions. Both interiors and exteriors require repainting once every 5 years.

Durability of paints based on room type:

  • Living and Dining room: If you have used high-quality, durable paint, you can paint these rooms once in 5 years.
  • Kitchen and bathroom: Kitchens and bathroom require repainting every 3 to 4 years due to food splatters, moisture content and messy fingerprints on walls.
  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms don’t require frequent repainting. You can repaint them when you want to incorporate different colours. Kids’ bedrooms must be painted every 2 to 3 years.
  • Hallways: The paint surface in hallways develop dents and scuff marks easily since we walk through the space more often. It requires repainting every 2 to 3 years.

Painting professionals in Ringsted

Are your walls exhibiting signs of wear and tear already? Does the faded paint surface make the space look dull? These are indicators that your wall needs fresh paint. You could hire professionals to repaint your home and regain the shiny gloss the walls once possessed. If you are looking for a reputable maler Ringsted, get in touch with Vibes painting company.

They are the leading companies offering top-notch painting services at competitive prices in Ringsted. Explain your requirements to their experienced team and they’ll help you bring your space back to life. Request a quote from them today. They’ll evaluate your home and provide a reasonable quote.

Why do paint films of some rooms display wear and tear earlier than others?

Though the general lifespan of paint film is 5 years, this differs from room to room due to different reasons including:

  • Quality of plastering: The quality of plastering underneath the surface of paint affects the durability of paint.
  • Traffic: The paint surface of rooms that have high traffic like bathroom, kitchen, living room and passage way shows deteriorating signs earlier since home dwellers are prone to touch the walls more in these areas.
  • Family type: The walls of families with toddlers or growing children get dirty and wear off sooner since the little ones tend to scribble or draw on the walls. Opt for washable paints in this case.
  • Type of paint: Low-quality emulsion paints costs less but doesn’t last long as washable and high-quality emulsion paints.
  • Paint colour: Dark colours wear off faster than lighter ones.

Repainting your home is the most budget-friendly way of brightening the entire space. The best contractors make use of high-quality paints which are durable. Take your time to choose a reputable painting contractor.

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