Resurfacing Countertops Could Be A Wise And Cost-effective Alternative


Most countertop materials are resilient and effective, before lengthy, it progressively deteriorates which makes it less strong to heat, weathering, stains, scratches, etc. Once the connection between degeneration enter sight for that eye, your countertop won’t be enjoyable to check out. When the time comes, you have to consider replacing your countertops. There is no problem if you possess budget and you are prepared to covering out big dollars. However, in situation your bank account isn’t too deep, you need to search for additional options. Resurfacing countertops can solve this issue without dealing with place stress affordable.

Instead of totally replacing a bath room or kitchen countertop, resurfacing them only involves repairing or altering the broken or old laminate. This method might make your countertop appear new although the support structure remains exactly the same.

In addition, this can be done resurfacing yourself particularly if your countertop is just created from thin material like laminates. Usually, laminates along with other thin materials are super easy to resurface so it’s possible on your own obtaining a help of a relative. However, thick materials for example full granite are complicated and really should be created with a specialist.

You will find essentially two approaches in resurfacing countertops. The first method handles a badly broken laminate. During this process, you need to modify the old laminate getting a totally brand new one. After stripping within the old laminate, you need to remove all the glue across the counter employing a stripper or maybe a paint scrapper. Then, smoothen out the top counter by using medium grade sandpaper. Next, remove all the dust and dirt. Right now, you must have a counter having a clean surface.

Now, you are to setup the brand-new laminate. First, apply glue evenly across the counter’s surface. Pick a laminate that blends along with other colors within the room. Once done, lay the laminate flat across the glued surface. Flatten it further having a roller. Once finished, get forced out for drying. Right now, your laminated countertop is actually brand-new although its includes not.

However, in situation your laminate remains in great shape however, you simply need a brand-new look, you can perform way of resurfacing countertops. This method is really nearly as good since the first. The only real difference is you don’t have to eliminate that old laminate but rather convey a brand new laminate when it comes to this. Simply scratch that old laminate’s surface using sandpaper. Wipe within the dirt and hang up glue evenly about this. Exactly the same process continues with regards to putting the brand-new laminate when it comes to this.

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