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Reviews for the DeWalt 734 and 735


If you are a woodworker or you like to do woodwork of your passion then it is necessary that you have the best tool to work with them. When you are designing any table, chair, bookshelf, you have the need to get the surfaced wood but if you buy it from the market then it cost too much. But with the help of a wood planer, you can save this money and you can use the wood planer and give a surface that you want to give it.

Today, we come here with DeWalt 734 and 735 and help you to know which one is perfect for you to buy and according to your needs. You need to have the best one which is suitable for your work and you also feel good to use them for your work.

So, if you want the best one among them then you have to need to know their similarities and differences as well. Therefore, you can get the best wood planer for your work and give your best to your work. To know better you can also visit drilling-it.com. On the website, you will get all the information in detail and understand the product in a better way.

Similarities in Both DeWalt 734 and 735

  • Speed

Both the machines offer two speeds for the work, one is dimension speed and the other one is finishing speed and both have the best working experience.

  • Disposal Replaceable knives

In both the machines, there are 3 knives, and they are reversible and disposable. Also, one can change them quickly so they did not need to waste their time sharpening the blades.

  • Cord Winding system

On both the machines the cord winding system is present and it helps to keep the messy power cords out of the way and this is an important feature for professional workshops.

Differences between those products

  • Price

When we are going to buy anything the price plays an important role in it. But the cost of the product also depends on their features. And we also recommend the product that has the best features, so you can look for DeWalt 735 than 734.

  • Dust Blower

The 735 has the best feature over 734 and this is the dust blower. The 735 has a dust blower bin that does not blow the pile of wood everywhere and collects it in one place.

  • Depth adjustment

Depth adjustment is very important in the best and high-quality finished work. For this, the 735 is the winner and it gives the best help to adjust it rather than 734.

  • Durability

Durability is the most important point in anything. And in this category735 has the first position, because it has the best durability with its less vibration, heavyweight, and aluminum base.

  • Width

Width matters when it comes to the right dimension and this width difference is present in DeWalt 734 and 735. In DeWalt 734 the width has of 12.5 inches and in DeWalt 735 the width is 13 inches.


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