Right Way To Fit Shingles On A Garden Building


To add extra touch to your garden, you should use shingles. It makes a smart move up to the general look of your shed or log lodge. It looks beautiful and gives elegant touch. It is tougher and gives a feeling to support.

Well, introducing shingles may appear to be troublesome for most of the people as they don’t have any idea how to fix this.

What tool do you need for shingles?

  1. Shingles
  2. Clout Nails
  3. Sledge
  4. Stepping stool

Well, here are the stages which you can follow to setup the shingles:

Stage 1: The First Row

With the help of clout nails, introduce the first column of shingles with the goal that the flat-edge of the shingle strip can be collapsed over the edge of your rooftop board. Rehash this procedure until the first layer of shingles has been introduced on the base edge of your rooftop with no unmistakable holes.

Stage 2: The Second Row

Spot the second line of shingles the other way to the first push. These shingles ought to be situated, so the focal point of the strip covers the join between portions of the first layer of shingles, as found in Image A. Rehash this procedure until you have finished the second line of shingles.

Stage 3: The Third Row

Spot the third column of shingles the other way to the subsequent line. Proceed with the following lines of shingles by substituting the bearing of the layers and covering the joins of the anterior segment.

Stage 4: The Ridge Line

When finishing your rooftop, you ought to have various extra pieces of shingles remaining. These can be utilized to cover the hole of the edge line. Safely tack this last layer into place. Keep any extra shingles which can be used as substitutions later on.

Shingles are accessible as an extra for our log lodges and summerhouses, yet you can enquire about shingles at Surrey Hills Garden Buildings by calling us at 01737 240579.

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