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Roof Waterproofing and Maintenance: What You need to Ensure


The waterproofing of roofs is usually ignored when building or renovating, but it is enough to start a rainy season so that the leaking and leaking season also begins.

The most common problems are cracked or cracked tiles. And not only in order to repair tiles with infiltrations, but to treat infiltrations in the right way, it is necessary to find out their origin.

Do not forget, that on roofs, it is also very important to check the condition of the tiles and also the structure of the roof. You can click here for the best results now.

Know how to identify infiltrations

In general, this type of disorder occurs due to the poor quality of the materials used in construction, but we can also identify other factors that contribute to the problem:

  • errors in the installation of plumbing
  • poor sealing and waterproofing of floors and slabs
  • clogged gutters
  • very old or poorly placed tiles
  • natural deterioration of the structure.

In addition to the stains and the bad smell caused by mold, other indications that your home suffers from this are cracks, falling plaster and swollen stains.

The appearance of dark spots on the ceiling and walls after the rains is also a symptom.

Learn how to repair leaky tiles

The tiles must be clean and dry, free from any dirt, including oxidation of screws (which must be replaced if necessary).

The first coat has the function of finishing the surface preparation. For this first application, the product dilution must be up to 25%. Dilution is necessary so that the product has a good penetration in the pores of the substrate where it is being applied.

Due to the passage of the cyclone bomb in the southern region of the country, many people are already looking for the repairs caused by the disaster. The roof is one of the main components of a house, as it allows it to be properly sealed against rain and infiltration. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to some details at the time of purchase and, mainly, when defining a qualified professional who can technically evaluate.

First of all, it is necessary to consult a professional to know which type of tile is the most suitable and safe for the home. “There is a technical study that must be done before the roof is purchased, which involves size, weight, measure and percentage per square meter and which are essential to take proper care at the time of installation. And in order to avoid detachments with strong winds and rains, it is necessary to choose a glazed tile, because it remains clean, besides not being a porous material”, comments the professional.


In addition, there are several types of roofs that must be taken into account when choosing when purchasing. Some of them are: ceramic, enamelled, PVC, concrete, fiber cement and glass, for example. According to Ledoir, this variation will depend on the type of structure existing in the house and the choice must be made according to the conditions and characteristics of the property.


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