Should you pressure wash a metal roof?


Metal roofing is an excellent choice for most homes. But to prevent your metal roof from damaging, you need to focus on maintenance. Our experts say that people have a hard time assessing and cleaning metal roofing because they don’t know which the best approach is. One of the most frequent questions about metal roofing is whether it should be pressure washed. Read on to uncover the answer to this question, along with how you should clean your metal roof. 

Metal roof cleaning: how to?

Metal roofs are simple to maintain and clean since they have a smoother surface. You can use water and tri-sodium phosphate to remove mildew and mold that might occur on your roof. Keep in mind that it is highly recommended to use a non-abrasive brush during the cleaning process.

Metal roofing maintenance always starts with scrubbing the roof clean. Afterward, you should rinse the cleaner with water. If you fail to do so, you risk exposing your roof to corrosion.

Our pro tip for metal roofs is to allow the surface to dry. Apply sealer to re-seal the roof and protect it from weather damage. The elements to which it is exposed throughout the year can take a toll on its lifespan.

Remember that you should never rush through metal roofing cleaning. It is a process that requires attention to detail and a significant amount of time. This is the only approach that will help you keep your roof clean.

Should you pressure wash a metal roof?

During the cleaning process, pressure washing a roof can be an excellent solution. We recommend you discuss this with your roofing contractor. Some roof materials might not benefit from pressure washing.

But if you have a metal roof, it might help you thoroughly cleanse it. You can perform a DIY cleaning project. Still, it is a better choice to allow a professional to pressure wash your metal roof. In this way, you’ll make sure everything is done accordingly to your roof’s manufacturer instructions. This will prevent damage and will ensure the detergent used is adequately removed.

The bottom line

Spending time to clean a metal roof thoroughly can extend its lifespan. Our recommendation is to have an expert on-site to assess the health of the roof and suggest the best cleaning approach. Professional metal roofing cleaning can prevent long-term damage and unnecessary expenses. And remember that not all roof types can benefit from pressure washing.

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