Signs That A Washing Machine Needs Repair In Toronto


Clothes are coming out with specks of dirt still on them. It was a thorough wash, but there are still bits of fluff on everything or it looks like the clothes weren’t washed at all. Everyone runs into a problem with their washing machine at one time or another in Toronto, but not everyone is sure as to if it’s an indication that the washer needs to be repaired. Here are a few warning signs that a washing machine needs repair:

The washer is making too much noise. It’s true that most washing machines make at least a little noise. Despite the claim that many of them are “whisper quiet”, not everyone can tell by listening for a moment if their washing machine is on.

The problem is when it’s on and you can’t hear anything else! If a washing machine is too noisy, then realize that could be an indication that something is seriously wrong with it and call someone in to take a look at it.

The drum doesn’t fill or it doesn’t empty properly. This is also an indication that a washing machine might need repair. Filters, intake valves, and drain hoses can get clogged and that can result in the drum not being able to completely fill or completely drain. If this is happening, it’s time to call a repairman!

The drum doesn’t turn. This will first become evident by clothes that don’t appear to get washed properly or at all. If this occurs, then it’s an indication that there is some form of mechanical failure, like a slipped or broken belt. Either way, it does need to be replaced.

It won’t turn on. This is definitely one that shouldn’t take long for that call to go out for washing machine repair! If the machine won’t turn on at all, then there is likely some kind of electrical problem going on and it needs to be looked at by a professional.

The washing machine is leaking. The occasional leak can be blamed on any number of one-time things as a fluke, but a consistent leak is bad for the floor and indicates that there could be a loose connection somewhere in the machine. It can be anything from the drainage hose to the plumbing leading into the machine and needs to be looked at by a repairman before it gets any worse.

The clothes are wet at the end of the cycle. The whole point of the spin cycle is the make sure that the clothes are slightly damp when the whole process is finished so that it can be dried in an hour or so. If clothes are still soaking wet, then a belt might have slipped and probably needs to be replaced.

These are the general signs that a washing machine needs repair, but be aware that there are other, smaller or less seen signs that should be heeded as well. As a general rule, if the machine is acting in a way that it shouldn’t it’s best to call in a machine washer repairman in Toronto, just in case!

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