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Smart call for Perfect Tiles and Ceramic Installation


There are many factors to consider when installing ceramic material. From leveling or the type of cement to the traffic that the floor will support or the layout of the rooms, everything counts to obtain an impeccable result. There is no point in choosing the most spectacular finish or the best quality tiles for our space if the laying job is not done right. The reasonable options come with https://www.kinginstallation.com/.

The end result of a space can be tarnished by improper installation of the ceramic product. A job poorly done will ruin the entire project, which is why it is important to follow the following guidelines for optimal results.

Before starting, we must prepare the tools and equipment that will facilitate our work. Here are the most important:

  • Jointing cement with C-2 adhesion capacity, suitable for laying porcelain tiles with a water absorption of less than 0.5%.
  • Suction cups for handling parts.
  • Manual level, line puller and flexometer to take measurements.
  • Leveling wedges.
  • Joint paste.
  • 10 mm toothed trowel.
  • Bucket and mop or sponge.
  • Cleaning trowel.
  • Soft, non-rigid rubber mass.
  • Adjustable traction clamp.

Once we have everything we need, we can begin the installation.  We will always do this for the coating, in order to avoid possible subsequent damage to the floor. The most important thing is to respect the space so that the tiling on the floor can be installed later.

Check leveling and adjust with self-leveling

The base on which the ceramic tile will be installed must be homogeneous so that there is no space between it and the support. During the setting time it is possible that small differences in level appear between the parts. It is therefore advisable to use a leveling mortar to obtain a solid, smooth and homogeneous support, fully compatible with the adhesives used before laying the coating. The self-leveler used can be for indoor or outdoor. The thickness of the layer will depend on the traffic (light, commercial or industrial) and the drop to compensate.

It is important that the surface on which the parts are to be placed is clean of all dust, grease, moisture and other residues. For professional tile cleaning conway ar click here.

Draw the main line

The main line should be parallel to the ground. This makes it easier to lay the first tiles and also allows more ceramic material to be exploited.

Decide on the layout of the rooms

When deciding on the layout of the rooms, the experts recommend doing this on the surface itself, taking into account that each of these rooms has a personalized design. If you want to achieve a surprising effect, it will be wise to place pieces with different designs side by side. Please note that if the parts are large in size, they should be handled by two people. To facilitate the process, it is possible to use suction cups to achieve better grip and safety.

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