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Smart Choices for the Best Roof Replacement


Is your roof covering damaged and want to have it replaced? Great idea, it will save you a lot of damage. However, before embarking on roof renovation work, you will need to determine the material you wish to have installed. You don’t know which one to choose? Do not worry; we have put together a short summary of the different materials available, with their characteristics and prices.

The tiled roof

The most popular is tiled roofing. And for good reason.The tile is not only renowned for its solidity and durability (a roof of this type can last more than 100 years.) But also for its aesthetics. Indeed, there are a wide variety of tile models (flat, Romanesque, large mold, small mold, etc.) available in different materials (concrete, terracotta, wood). The advantage of the tiles is that they keep their color over time. In addition, the tile is a very good thermal insulator, which helps limit your heating consumption. It is also a natural material and, therefore, ecological. For the roof replacement Watkinsville GA this is one great option.

In terms of its small drawbacks, note that even if it resists foam very well, the tile can still rust over the years. Note also that its installation is very technical and that you will therefore have to call on a professional roofer.

Regarding the price, depending on the type of tiles chosen, the budget to be provided varies between 30 and 140 euros / m².

The roof in photovoltaic tiles

In recent years, a new type of roof covering has become popular: photovoltaic tiles. Thanks to these tiles, made up of integrated photovoltaic panels, the sun’s rays are put to good use.

Note however that the lifespan of photovoltaic tiles is around 25 years and that currently such a type of roof is very expensive: the budget to be expected is around 900 to 2,000 euros / m².

The slate roof

A slate roof is very resistant and has a long service life (between 80 and 100 years). In addition, this type of roof requires little maintenance. It is also a type of cover with very good thermal and acoustic insulation. Slate is, moreover, a rock much appreciated for its aesthetic side. The installation of such a roof requires the use of a professional roofer and is only possible for roofs with a slope of at least 25%.

Price level, you can go from simple to double depending on the type of slate chosen. For a synthetic slate roof, count 50 to 80 euros / m² while for a natural slate roof the cost will rise from 100 to 150 euros / m².

The metal roof

Resistant, relatively durable (around 30 to 50 years) and easy to maintain, the metal roof is very popular. Depending on your tastes and the regulations in force in your region, you can opt for different metals, such as zinc, copper, lead or aluminum.

Small flat: the sound insulation is not optimal; in case of heavy rain, the noise could be a bit disturbing. Also note that it is advisable to call in a professional for the installation of a metal roof.

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