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Some Alternatives to Using a Grinder to Remove a Tree Stump

Stump on green grass in the garden. Old tree stump in the summer park.

For an additional charge, after you contract a commercial service to cut a tree, they may also remove the remaining stumps. You may also pay a different company to do the job for you. If you cut down the tree yourself, though, you’ll have to remove the stump, which can be just as difficult as cutting down the tree. You can employ a company to come in and churn the stump into sawdust with a big mechanical grinder, but this can be costly. However, there are many approaches you can use to complete this task without the use of a contractor or large machinery.

When Should a Tree Stump Be Removed?

A tree stump may be removed at any time after the tree has been felled, but it is often easier to remove manually if the stump has aged and dried out. The dried wood can be easier to cut out than when working on a fresh stump that is still green if you have the opportunity to leave the stump in place for a year or even two. Chemical removal, on the other hand, can begin as soon as the Tree Removal.


Method by Hand

A small to the medium-sized stump can be removed with some hard work and muscle. Larger stumps, on the other hand, can necessitate so much effort that it’s not feasible—unless you can pull it out of the ground with a chain attached to the back of a pickup truck. Instead, use the chemical process for larger stumps. A mattock, which has a long end for digging and a sharpened end for slicing, is a useful tool for manual removal. However, everybody has their favorite tools, and the more digging and Tree Cutting tools you have on hand, the better. To speed up the process, enlist the assistance of a helper or two for larger stumps.

Method Using Chemicals

If you’re not up for the physical exertion or have a tree stump that’s too big to lift by hand, There is a simpler (albeit much slower) form. All wood eventually decays and rots away, and keeping the stump moist and adding nitrogen in the form of a high-nitrogen fertilizer or potassium nitrate stump-removal granules will speed up the process. This is not an instantaneous process—it can take months or even a year for a stump to fully vanish—but it is easy.

Method of Combustion

There is a powdered tree stump removal product called “Stump-Out” that is intended to break down the wood fiber of stumps, leaving them porous. The porous wood then readily absorbs kerosene. The porous wood starts to burn away after being soaked in kerosene and ignited, and the fire quickly becomes a low, smoldering flame. If you’re okay with using kerosene and a flame (and it’s legal in your area), this is another inexpensive and simple way to get rid of a tree stump.

How to Get Rid of Stumps

When digging out a stump by hand, using a hose or pressure washer to wash away soil and expose roots while you dig downward may be beneficial. When the main body of the stump has been severed from the roots and replaced, major roots do not need to be removed. The roots can rot away naturally if they are buried underground. Applying a chemical brush killer to them if they start to sprout suckers will stop their development. Big tree stumps can be difficult to remove. For guidance on how and where to dispose of large garden waste products, contact your local waste disposal authority.

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