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Some desirable ideas for summer decor in 2020


2020 is the year of lockdown when you have been forced to forgo your trips to beaches and other picturesque locations and stay at home. But you can still transform the interior decor of your house to create a soothing and bright atmosphere this summer. There are many latest summer decor trends which you can try this year.

Floral Look 

Summer is the perfect time to impart a floral look to your interior decor by using floral prints. Replace the cushions in your living room and pillows in your bedroom with floral print cushions and pillows. Floral print wallpapers also add to the floral atmosphere. Floral print curtains complete the floral interior decor.


Artwork decor creates a free-spirited environment which instantly relaxes your mind. This decor idea uplifts the mood and appeals to emotions. The main features of such decor are as follows.

  • Bold colour combinations which make them stand out in the room. You can go for mustard with mauve or burnished red with navy blue.
  • Bold geometric patterns
  • Hand drew line designs and figures on flat cushions, duvets, rugs and wallpapers.


Incorporating copper into the decor adds an element of glamour to the interior space. Copper is a good choice for adding a metal finish to the interior decor. Copper fits in well with both traditional and modern interior design. The elements of copper decor are as follows.

  • Copper pendant lamp
  • Copper candleholders, showpieces and even kitchen accessories
  • Copper coffee table


Wood, as the main element in the interior decor, is a very popular trend in 2020. And when it comes to wood decor, dark wood is the most preferred decor trend in 2020. Dark toned wooden elements impart luxury and elegance to the interior space. Incorporate the following wooden elements to get perfect wooden decor.

  • Wicker, jute and rattan furniture
  • Wooden finishes
  • Wood in-ceiling and columns
  • Wooden decorations

Curved furniture 

You can ditch conventional square and rectangular furniture this summer and opt instead for curved furniture to impart a new look to the interior decor. Curved furniture has curved edges and rounded back and sides. The material of the furniture should be smooth while the colours should be bright.


The natural interior decor continues to remain popular in 2020. Addition of natural elements to the decor enhances the luxury of the interior space. Accessories and other things made of natural stones such as granite and pebbles impart an eco-friendly appearance to the room. Natural wood furniture and doors and windows made of natural wood complement the other natural elements in the decor. Combine the main elements with wallpapers of tropical leaves or animal prints to complete the look.

Wall lamps 

Conventional wall lamps can be replaced with artistically designed wall lamps to enhance the interior decor. These wall lamps blend in well with any interior decor. The silhouette of such a lamp makes for great aesthetics in any room. It is necessary to ensure that the lamp complements the colours of the interior decor.

Antique Art 

2020 is the year to start building your own antique art collection. Hang antique artworks on the wall of your living room to transport your guests to a bygone era. The aged look of antique arts has a profound effect on the decor.


These are some of the popular summer decor trends which you can keep in mind while revamping the decor of your home. Ultimately, your personal preference should align with the decor trend that you choose.

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