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Storing A High Valued Item


When we own something special, we wish to take care of it. There are many reasons as to why an item might hold value to us. We may know its objective financial value or have an inkling as to its worth, often found in unique historical artifacts or those with a cultural significance. However, sentimental value is also something that we should consider essential, and from there we can act accordingly. For example, someone may view a watch given to them by their grandfather, purchased in a European shop in the midst of WW2 much more value than even the most expensive Rolex timepiece, even though one would certainly fetch a higher price.

No matter why or how you wish to take care of a certain item, your reason is usually valid. From there we can focus on just how you may go about completely securing this item, to avoid the stress that comes with worrying about its vulnerability. This may be especially true for those in possession of rare or sought-after items. For example, it is not uncommon for those with beautiful and refined collections to become targeted by thieves, and that’s a thorough shame. With the following advice, you can avoid this potential worrisome fate:

Keep It Quiet

The best means in which to protect a high-value item is to utilize common sense. If you shout about your ownership of said item, odds are you’re going to attract the wrong kind of attention. Keep it quiet. Ensure that if transporting the item, you do so with care. Insure the item for its full value, even if this means high insurance premiums. Ensure that the item is not visible frequently, or that you are sensible with its use. For example, if you have a prize necklace passed down through your family generations, it’s a good idea not to wear it unless to highly important events.

Utilize Self-Storage

Self-storage can be an important means of protecting your high-value items. Not only can you anonymously store your item, but you can do so in an environment that is secure and peaceful. This can also help you avoid having to curate or continually change the environment in which the item is stored. Storage Units UK are known to have the best customer service and most secure facilities, and so it’s absolutely worth trying to find your nearest location and discuss your options.

Plain Packaging

Plain packaging can work well when transporting or storing your item. For example, if you have a beautiful watch, it might be worth placing it within a blank watch holder instead of the original box that proudly shows the name of the expensive brand. This can, again, prevent undesirables from becoming interested in your possession, but it may also help with your transport needs. Plain packaging such as large boxes can also allow you to implement your own protective measures within, such as bubble wrap or foam shavings designed to prevent shock damage or motion unsettling said item.

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