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The best Living Home Décor Options You Can Opt for


The living room is the most central place in the house where we spend a lot of time. Can your living room still use some coziness? With these 6 living room ideas you bring atmosphere into your home!

Go for warm color palette

A ‘safe’ color choice is one of the most common mistakes when designing the living room. You can achieve the biggest change with a simple pot of paint. By giving walls of your living room a warm color, you immediately bring more atmosphere to your home. Choose color tones without blue undertones, such as powder pink, beige, warm gray, ocher yellow or burgundy. This way, you can warm up your living room.

Get round shapes

A living room in which almost all items are rectangular, soon looks too orderly, ‘squaty’ and therefore not cozy. Round shapes make a room softer, cozier and provide balance. Therefore screw up the roundness level in the house with convex, round or oval-shaped accessories, such as lamps, vases, rugs, flower pots and cushions. Round footstools , side tables and stools also take up little space and still break through the angular in the house.

Ensure harmony

Mixing different shapes gives you a nice balance in the living room, but creating harmony goes one step further. Everything revolves around unity and consistency, so ensure a common thread in styles, colors, patterns and materials. For example, don’t work with a different color palette in every corner, but create a whole by having an accent color appear in multiple places. With easy home decor tips  you can have the best choices here.

The right lamp in the living room

There are a number of basic elements that make or break a living room in terms of coziness. Lighting is one of them! In addition to functional lighting usually this light from above, such as spotlights or hanging lamps also think carefully about mood lighting.

The best lighting

Make it cozy with accessories

Ultimately, it is the home accessories that really dress the living room; without decoration it is just a mess. Cushions and throws on the couch, a rug in the seating area and cozy plants in particular have a lot of influence on the atmosphere in your beautiful living room. Beautiful flowers on the table, atmospheric candlesticks and decorative objects also work wonders.

Don’t put everything away behind doors

Cupboards are practical and indispensable in the living room, but do not store everything under lock and key. Just show who lives! An open cupboard can help with this and offers enough space for that personal touch. Personality gives atmosphere, so put those souvenirs from beautiful journeys, photos of family and friends or works of art with a story in the right view.

In the seating area, under the dining table or even on the wall: a rug gives atmosphere to a room in one fell swoop. What are you paying attention to?

This is what you want: a bedroom with a luxury hotel feel

Wake up relaxed every day just like in a luxury hotel. With the boutique chic trend you bring luxury to the bedroom.

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