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The Best Purchases for Homeowners in 2020


Improving the security of your home or making it feel even more luxurious doesn’t have to be a costly endeavour. Many assets that, only a few years ago, were pricey have become much more affordable that to manufacturing and demand.. Additionally, there has been great progress made in technology that has led the concept of smart homes to be adopted and support by residents around the UK. Locks are being replaced with digital alternatives and we can speak to our lightbulbs to turn them off.

To give you an idea of how our homes are being transformed, here are the most exciting and useful purchases for homeowners in 2020.

Smart Home Doorbell

With advancements made in camera technology and improved cloud-based systems, transforming the doorbell into a smart doorbell was inevitable. Not only do they allow you to interact with visitors when you’re not at home, meaning you’ll less often be left with a Sorry We Missed You slip, but they also act as a security camera, allowing you to monitor your property and vehicle at all times, directly through your phone.

While they are a reasonable price, be sure to consider the subscription service many of these devices us. It is worth paying the small, annual cost, as it means you get the extra benefit of coverage and larger digital storage.

Home Gym Equipment

Gyms are now ubiquitous and we’ve become an increasingly fitter nation, at least according to the growing amount of gym subscriptions. However, in the wake of COVID, gyms were shut down and many have yet to reopen. Following this, sales of workout equipment, particularly those that can be used to recreate routines at home, have grown in popularity.

There is, of course, an initial cost and you may need some space to dedicate dumbbells or a running machine to. However, with regular use, you will quickly save on what you would have otherwise spent on a gym subscription.

Log Cabin

Believe it or not, there are now high-quality and affordable log cabins for sale online. They are appearing in more gardens around the UK in recent years and not only to accommodate guests. Cabins are being used as streaming rooms, art studios, and business offices.

They’re a perfect way to build the extra room you wanted, such as a home cinema, without having to sacrifice a room in your own home. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy them all year round!

Pressure Washer

If you haven’t already seen the communities online dedicated to the satisfaction of utilising pressure washers, they are certainly worth seeking out. These groups have grown because pressure washers are immensely useful for homeowners and can revitalise your home and garden to a surprising extent.

Not only are they useful for keeping your home looking fresh and clean, but they’ll also help if you’re ever hoping to sell your property too.

Smart Plugs

Monitoring your home’s energy consumption and eliminating the worry of ever having left an appliance on, smart plugs are an essential item for your home. As many of us begin working from home, our energy costs are likely to increase and keeping them low for our wallets and the environment important.

They can be installed directly into your home’s mains supply or simply attached to your current plugs. There are some models that can monitor your home’s air quality and others with voice assistants too.

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