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The Clarity in Clearing: Your Choices


Clear and honest relationships are always the basis for good partnership and trust. When you choose a cleaning company, and we gave you tips on the selection procedure in an earlier article on our site, you need to negotiate the terms and form them in a bilateral agreement. It is a good idea to sign a document stating the company fees for the services you have selected, the services requested and the conditions under which they will be performed, the additional services (if you have contracted them), and what is defined as the damage caused by company employees, etc. The signing of a contract guarantees both parties legal certainty in the event of damage or disagreement, as well as protection in the event of unforeseen or emergency situations.

Cleaning services provided by professional companies

The main services offered by cleaning companies include:

  • vacuuming and washing floor coverings
  • external cleaning of furniture – dusting and cleaning with antistatic agent
  • complete cleaning of the bathroom and toilet – washing and disinfection of the floor, walls, toilet, sinks, bathtubs, showers, batteries
  • complete kitchen cleaning – internal and external cleaning of ovens and microwave ovens, external wiping of cabinets, sinks, countertops
  • cleaning of terraces
  • door shuttering

This is usually also the package of services for a post-paid cleaning of your home, office, hotel or establishment.

The companies also offer the services:

cleaning with Rainbow system deep thawing of mattresses, carpets and upholstered furniture

  • cleaning windows and windows
  • machine cleaning of hard floors
  • washing carpets and rugs on site
  • Washing upholstery, fabrics, mattresses.

These are services that you can contract further and are performed for a certain period of time or can be used once. With the palm coast house cleaning you can be sure of the time.

You can use the services of companies after cleaning and after construction and repair, for the fine vacuuming of garages, basements and other auxiliaries, machine cleaning and washing of grinding concrete and hard flooring, as well as cleaning and washing of car upholstery and others.

Average prices of services offered by cleaning companies

In order to be of maximum use to you, in this section of the article we will give you average prices for individual cleaning services.

  • By stipulating that prices can be negotiated after a free on-site inspection and that they also depend on specific conditions such as the size of the apartment, office, restaurant, hotel congestion and pollution frequency of visits and more.

What you need to keep your home clean depends entirely on your family’s needs, your financial resources. But it is also good to hear the advice of professionals when choosing a package of services that can accurately and impartially judge which ones will best suit your conditions.

And someone, who once said that, “A home becomes a real home when you can write on furniture with your finger, I love you.” Now with the help of professional cleaning companies, your home becomes a real home clean and cozy, and if you’re missing the furniture dust just use lipstick and write “I love you!” On the mirror and use the time saved by cleaning for loved ones and for yourself.

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